Chi Running

Earlier this year I read Danny and Katherine Dreyer’s book, Chi Running.  I found the book a bit dry to be honest but it offered a lot of good information in regards to form as well as introduced me to some new drills and postures to incorporate into my running routine. I have not mastered the form techniques outlined in the book, by any means, but I use them as cues to inform my running.

When I was reading the book, I felt so overwhelmed when I’d go out for a run. I felt like I was in gymnastics again and my coach was giving me 8,000 things to think about all at once—“ Tummy in, pull to the right, your left foot isn’t pointing, you’re over rotating, hollow body, don’t pick your wedgie…”.  It was just as frustrating in regards to my running as it was back in the gym.  One day, I was running with my friend, Emily, and I told her I couldn’t get my brain to shut up—soon as I would correct one thing my body would forget to do something else.  She said something like, “Girl, you need to just let go!”  She was so right, I was over analyzing and it was sucking the joy out of my runs.

So, that being said, I’m going to share a few things I learned from the book but I’m going to do it gradually.  I’ll call it my “form series”.  I’ll pick out the things that have been most beneficial to me and feed them to ya a little at a time.

Here’s a quick pre-view of what’s to come (not necessarily in this order):

  • Juicing the joints—skip the pre-run static stretches and do these moves to get your body ready for action
  • Point your toes where you want to go (one of my mantras)
  • Run from your core—pssssp…it’s not just your abs
  • Spinning your tires—Wiley Coyote/Road Runner style
  • Spinal alignment—hunched backs aren’t cool
  • Pelvic tilt—don’t spill your chi!
  • Stretching—I know, I know—no time for a post run stretch.  MAKE TIME!

6 thoughts on “Chi Running

  1. Julie

    I found that barefoot running and chi running aim for the same things only barefoot running does a better job of communicating it in simple form. I read the chi running book as well and like you, felt overwhelmed with the details.

    Let go is good. Simple is good. Run from your core – excellent. quick, easy, light………everything.

  2. mjorgey

    Yeah, the book does make running seem WAY more complicated than it actually is. haha. That’s so like us humans to take something natural and freeing and make it into this overly complicated activity.

  3. Wow you’re really going all-out with this blogging stuff! Josh may have told you I’m starting running (well, moving in a rythmic form and lifting my legs). So, feel free to have a hearty laugh at that. 🙂

    So, I’m going to start here.

      • Not an organized one, at this point. Or at least I don’t have plans to. It wasn’t really running, it was a mix of walking and jogging. Is there a good 5K that I won’t feel like a putz doing?

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