Find Joy in the Everyday

My husband and I are preparing to leave Korea after having been here for the past year-ish.  We are really excited to leave and move on to new adventures but transitions are always a little emotional for me–saying goodbye to people and places is sometimes painful.

The last few weeks have been busy with selling our belongings that are too big or too troublesome to travel with.  This week, I’m selling my bike.  It’s no ordinary bike.  It’s the bike that cut my commute down by 80%, allowing me to come home for lunch and eat with Josh.  It’s the bike that took a good part of the impact for me when a driver forgot to check his mirror before pulling into me.  It’s the bike that Josh and I rode to and from the subway station–him pedaling and me giggling on the back rack.  It’s the bike I learned to ride with an umbrella!  It’s been so loyal to me and it hurts a little to say goodbye.

Today I was riding my bike back from my banana lady (I buy bananas from the same lady every week) and having a little heart ache thinking about how it would be one of my last rides on this bike.  I was cruising down one of my favorite streets (no cars, lots of plants, slight decline–heavenly) when I realized I just need to enjoy my bike now and not lot its impending departure ruin the ride.  I cranked up the speed and then let myself coast down the street–wind in my hair, cool air on my skin, huge smile on my face.  That moment felt surreal–it was the kind of intense pleasure that only comes when you embrace the present moment and let go everything else.  For that moment, nothing else mattered.

Although I will pass my bike off to a new owner this week, it taught me some great lessons that I will carry with me.  It’s okay to be silly.  Its okay to take risks.  Not conforming to the status quo is so much more exciting than letting the “norm” control your life.  And most importantly– stay in this moment.  Let the wind stream through your hair, tickle your skin, and bring a smile to your face.



It's all good.


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