And we have a winner…

For the past year or so I’ve been on the search for a female ultra-runner I could look up to.  I’ve had a little running crush on Scott Jurek for quite a while but I just couldn’t find any females I could relate to.  What does Scott have that I was looking for in a woman (haha—that sounds a bit awkward)?  I dig his diet–vegan.  I dig is need to explore his outter boundaries.  I get hyped that he’s all about low impact and working with the environment instead of against it.  He’s not flashy.  He’s not full of himself.

Josh and I would run through a list of  ultra-running females.  There’s these Russian twins that win comrades and 2Oceans (South African races) every year.  They are incredible athletes and they seem like cool people, but I just don’t connect.  There’s Ann Trason, nicknamed, “La Bruja” meaning “The Witch” but there’s a reason she’s called La Bruja.  There are some truly amazing ultra-running women out there but I was looking someone that shared similar running philosophy.  I needed a runner who ran for the pure love of running–no flash, no smack you in the face ego.  I was looking for someone who “needed” running in the same way I do.  Someone who sees running like water, breathing, and food.

In walks Krissy Moehl.  In 2007 Krissy set the female course record at the Hard Rock 100 (yeah, that’s 100 miles.  On Trails. At high elevations).  Her running bio is incredible and she’s quite young for an ultra-runner.  She is all about loving the earth and she finds peace in running. She likes to say, “There aren’t many issues a long run can’t solve.” To top it all off, she’s a Northwest girl!  Check out some videos of Krissy here, here, and here.


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