1 Move Closer to Yoga Certification!

When I first began spending time with my now husband, I showed him this list of goals I had made.  I guess you could call it a bucket list.  It included places I want to travel, educational goals, dreams of a family, skinny dipping with my husband (check), and other ambitions such as, “learn how to rock climb.”  At the time, I was busy working towards several of the things on the list but this rock climbing thing was sort of holding me back.  I kept saying I wanted to do it but I continued to put it off.

What I came to realize that if there is something that I say I want to do, but am not actively working towards doing it, then I probably don’t want to do it that bad.  Are you tracking?  I hadn’t tried rock climbing at that point because my heart wasn’t fully set on trying rock climbing. It was no loss. My heart wasn’t there yet.

Eventually, we did get in to rock climbing.  I’ve never been a hardcore climber but feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to climb in some really beautiful places (my first outdoor climbing experience was in Yosemite).  The time was right and I went for it.

Josh and I moved to South Africa in 2009 and checked two things off my list (checking them off doesn’t mean I won’t do them again)–grad school and living overseas.  When I finished with school in Cape Town, I felt sort of stuck. There were a million ideas in my head but I didn’t feel courageous enough to do any of them.  It was all talk and a lot of confusion.

Finally, after quitting my teaching job in Seoul, I felt like I had some space to think, gather up my courage, and make some decisions.  I found a yoga certification program a few months ago and as it turns out, they have a level 1 course in my home town two weeks after we get back from our travels!  It was meant to be.  Today, after several months of putting it off, I finally made the leap and put my money where my mouth is!  Yeah!

I know I’m ready because I did it.  The biggest obstacle between ourselves and what we want is usually ourselves.  Decide what you want, get yourself out of the way, and go for it.


5 thoughts on “1 Move Closer to Yoga Certification!

  1. Bethany

    This is awesome! A friend was going to start his certification but unfortunately injured his shoulder right before the training started. And then I started thinking, “Hmm, this could be a good idea…” Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    • mjorgey

      You know, lots of downward dogs and what not 🙂 I’ll learn a bit more about yoga principles, how to teach it, how to use it for therapy type stuff–back problems and the sorts. The program I’m doing it called Yoga Fit and it focused more on the athletic side of yoga. There are about 7 courses that I’ll need to take–most of the them two day training. Why? You want to join? hehe

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