How we treat our animals.

My original reasons for becoming and vegetarian and later a vegan were for long term health.  But the more a read, the more I realized how my food choices have much larger consequences than a little extra body fat or a higher risk of cancer . It is not just my health, but the health of the environment, animals, and fellow humans that are effected by my individual choices.

The more I read and learn, the more I come to understand how incredibly cruel conventional farming is.  I sometimes wonder if the general public saw first hand the on goings of factory farms and slaughterhouses, if they would still chose to eat unethically raised meat.  Even Julia Child, a huge foodie and active criticizer of vegetarian lifestyles ruled out veal after going to a veal factory.

I think one indicator of the health of a society is how well they treat their animals.  As I watched this video by John Robbins, I couldn’t  help but think, “What kind of world do we live in where this the excepted norm.”   I also think about my dog.  She is just as much an animal as a pig, cow, chicken, etc. yet I would never allow for her to be treated so inhumanely.  Take a 2 1/2 minutes and watch this video.  Every time we buy unethically raised food, this is what we vote for.
 I’m not purposing that everyone becomes a vegan.  I’m pleading with you to think about the meat you eat.  Remember it was once alive.  What kind of life did it live? Ethically raised meat can be a little more pricey.  But in the end, you’ll be healthier and there will be less suffering.  Everyone is in a different place.  Maybe you could commit to having 1 vegetarian day per week or meal per day.  Maybe you can commit reducing your overall meat and animal product consumption and using the extra cash to buy ‘happy meat” (animals raised kindly and naturally).  Maybe your someone who could cut meat all together?

How happy does this cow look? Doesn't ask for much--just some grass, sunshine, space, and compassion.


One thought on “How we treat our animals.

  1. Julie

    Isn’t that the truth Melissa. My brother Joe has an organic meat shop. I know the cows personally. They live in the field behind his house. The pigs come from his neighbors. They are all raised very ethically and the meat is processed and wrapped with the best sanitary practice. I probably wouldn’t eat meat if I didn’t have that as resource. I am excited to learn more recipes from you to eat a nice balanced diet.

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