Getting Younger Every Day…

I have previously mentioned that through exercise and healthy eating we can create biologically younger bodies.  Can I get a Hell Yeah??!! Our bodies have this INCREDIBLE ability to regenerate cells. People who exercise regularly and eat nutritionally dense diets are breaking down the old cells and rebuilding them with younger, healthier ones faster than their sedentary junk-food lovin’ peers.

A year or so ago I made a promise to myself to never use age as an excuse for poor health.  After seeing people in their late 70’s and 80’s participating in a 90 km road race for their 50th year in a row, I realized that people who bitch about their age are just looking for something to bitch about. No judgement if you think you may fall into this category.  Hope isn’t lost, your body has an insane ability to heal itself. You aren’t in bondage to your bitching. People from all different walks of life are begining to realize this.

I recently read a story about a woman who was severely obese and had developled type-2 diabetes among other debilitatin diseases.  She aquired an infection in her leg and it got to the point where her doctor said they were probably going to need to amputate.  This was a young woman–maybe late 20’s or early 30’s.  She flipped out and started learning about ways to take charge of her health.  She adopted a plant based diet and her health began to improve almost immedietly.  Her leg healed.  Her blood pressure went down significantly.   Her diabetes went into remission.  When she told her doctor what she was doing differently and he commented that it wasn’t a surprise her health was improving.  She asked him, “Why didn’t you suggest this before?”  He told her it wasn’t “practical”.  HA!  But amputating her leg was.

This story may seem extreme but these “miracles” are happening all over the place.  From people beating some tough odds in their cancer journeys to healing heart disease, diabetes, and other lifestyle related ailments. We have the ability to heal ourselves.

We all have a choice–be a bitcher or be a healer.  Which one would you rather be?


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