5 dodgy shifts in the way we do food.

With the risk of sharing too much from Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food, I have more to share!  For the next few days, I’ll be writing about the 5 big shifts in our food systems that Pollan points to as being at the root of our health crisis in the west.

Sometimes I start to feel a little helpless and hopeless in regards to our countires agricultural and food practices.  So, in response to these 5 changes, I’ll also offer my ideas/plans for countering these harmful practices.

Number 1: A switch from whole to refined foods:

This one doesn’t need too much explanation.  Just go to a grocery store or have a look around your kitchen and you’ll see that much of what you find are packaged refined food products.  If you delve a bit further into your detective work and read the labels on the packages, you’ll most likely find that they involve some form of corn or soy.  Subsidized by the government, corn and soy are cheap fillers in most processed foods.  But what’s wrong with corn and soy?  They’re plants, aren’t they?  It’s not like your eating a big chuck on corn-on-the-cob fresh from the garden.  The corn and soy has been modified by food science and in many cases are completely incomprehensible to your body.  It’s also been grown using harmful pesticides. Among other things, this makes it difficult for your body to know when it’s had enough.

 Plan of Attack:  Eat as many whole foods as possible–I know, not rocket science.  A piece or 2 of fruit is going to satisfy your body way more than those Pringles.  Also, cook from scratch.  Most boxed meals (just boil pasta and dump in the “sauce”/seasoning) have mysterious ingredients lurking about.  Experiment with different spices.



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