Diet switch-a-roo numero 3

 From Quality to Quantity:

This one tugs on my heart strings.  Our culture goes gaga for cheap stuff.  I catch myself often when I hear a great deal.  My first reaction is, “oooo, I should buy some…a lot…” But the deal really isn’t so great when we find out that the consequences of all that cheap crap is a lack of energy, weight gain, and disease.  I actually cannot go into a Wal Mart without my heart rate elevating and breaking into a sweat.  To me, Wal Mart epitomizes Americans love affair with cheap, low quality things.

Many people have commented to me that buying organic or even just eating vegetarian is too expensive.  Yes, quality food can be a bit on the expensive side.  The people producing it are not be subsized by the government and their putting in the work to produce high quality foods.

 Plan of Attack:  Let’s think long and hard about what is important to us and how much we REALLY need.  American’s spend a smaller percentage of their income on food than any other developed nation.  What if we rearranged our budget a little?  What if we spent more on food, but ate a bit less?


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