Living simple so others may simply live…

When Josh and I moved back from South Africa last year things were a bit chaotic.  We had no clue what our next move was.  We were hesitant to get “real” jobs because we didn’t plan on staying long. We didn’t have our own vehicle or place to live. The grief was still very fresh from Payton’s passing.  We stayed with family, living with my aunt and uncle in Seattle during the week, and then coming back to my mom and dad’s house on the weekends.

Things are different this time around.  We know we want to be in Washington for a while.  Josh was accepted into the urban planning program at the University of Washington.  I am so excited to finally be near family but have our own space.

We knew we’d have a lot on our plate when we got back.  We need housing, a car, jobs, cell phones, a bed/furniture…All this while dealing with jet lag, culture shock, bits of who knows what India left in our guts, extreme changes in weather…wowweee.  Just writing it all out I start to feel exhausted.

Fortunately we have some forces on our side.  For the first time in a while, all my cousins were together for Thanksgiving.  The whole gang was there along with my aunties and uncles and other family.  It was rejuvenating to have everyone in the same house.  It felt like home.  The day after Thanksgiving, a group of us went down to my parent’s beach house.  Josh and I slept a good deal of the time but also got to spend time with family, run on the beach, and just relax in a cozy place. The love didn’t stop there.  Our friends, the Wiley’s, offered us their house while they’re off building an Earthship in Guatemala.  Its a lovely home in a beautiful and hilly neighborhood!  We’re loving having it as a our base as we set off each day to check our to do’s off our list.

So, this morning while I was running in their beautiful and hilly neighborhood, overlooking a gorgeous valley with glorious views of Mt. Rainier, I was thinking about what kind of life I want to set up.  It’s so tempting to go after the flash.  Its tempting to run off to the shops and buy all new clothes for my all new life.  It’s tempting to want the newer more expensive apartment.  I ask questions like, “Do I get an iphone or a plain-Jane phone? Do we really need to stay within our price range for that car?  Or that apartment?”

While I was running, watching the sun glow behind the mountain and a flock geese flying over the foggy valley, I remembered how simply we’ve been living for the past few months.  We were content to have a safe, cleanish place to lay our heads at night.  We didn’t have cell phones or a car and everything was a-okay.  Most people around us were also living extremely simple lives.

So, here we go, setting up our new lives in Washington.  I’m trying to remember that living simply is simply a beautiful way to live.  I’m determined to remember that everything works out and show gratitude for each little blessing along the way.

P.S.  We get the keys to our cute little one bedroom apartment in the Stadium District tomorrow.  It’s an adorable, walkable neighborhood-just 5 minutes walk from my dad’s school!  Feeling thankful to the owner who is trusting that we’ll pay our rent even though we are currently unemployed!


2 thoughts on “Living simple so others may simply live…

  1. Ruth and Matt Falk in Korea

    Dear Melissa, This post was really beautiful. We stumbled upon this blog tonight and skimmed through the titles and set our eyes on this entry. We love how you left little blessings at our place along your way. We still talk about how you gave us tea and spice to our guests. We know you blessed us with many more. I use your coffee mug everyday 🙂 Thank you so much for being part of our lives. Love, Ruth & Matt

    • mjorgey

      Ruth and Matt, it was our pleasure to pass things along to you guys! We have been so blessed with people giving us things in Korea and at home so it feels nice to pass along to people who appreciate it! I hope your Christmas was wonderful and time with your enjoying your time in Korea!

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