YogaFit Training Day Uno

A long way from home--this is my yogi in Varanasi, India.

Yesterday was my first Yoga Teacher Certification class!  You may remember how excited I was a  few months ago when I signed up.  I suppose the day sort of snuck up on me because last night I was frantically running around my parent’s house trying to find the book I was supposed to bring.  Can ya believe I misplaced the gem somewhere between the boxes, bags, and piles of our stuff at my parent’s, the house we’re currently staying at down the street, and our partially moved into apartment?  hm.

Anyway, I didn’t find the book and even after telling myself it was okay and that it’s good practice for me to “let go” I dreamt about it and woke up early to look some more.  The search was futile. I took a deep breath and confidently ran out the door and drove to class.  As it turns out, it wasn’t a big deal I didn’t have the book.  I figured yoga people would be pretty forgiving about it, and they were.  Especially when I pulled the, “we just got back from India card.”  hehe, Yogis eat that stuff up.

I haven’t completely formulated my thoughts/feelings about the class yet.  It was an interesting mix of people and everyone was really friendly.  The instructor was a good teacher and the material was laid out in an easy to understand format.  Here’s what my heart is struggling with– I was a bit bored.

Yogafit was developed to make yoga accessible to the masses.  This means that it takes the “safest” approach to every pose.  Safety is cool, but it felt a little on the confining side. Like, I wanted to move my body in different directions and get a little funky but had to stick to what the instructor was instructing me to do.

This past year I mostly practiced yoga at home.  I haven’t practiced yoga at one particular place from one particular teacher for any extended period of time.  I’ve sort of developed an eclectic practice you could say– combining several styles of yoga into one session.  I also like to explore new ways to move–I sometimes get a bit funky and its hard to tell if I’m having a breakdance session, a ballet rehearsal, or a yoga practice.  Its lovely (or at least I think so).

After feeling a little bit disappointed, I remembered that this isn’t the destination.  Yogafit is simply a tool to help me along on my journey.  It will give me the formal training I need to get certified and no doubt I will learn heaps along the way!  Also, I realize that from an instructional standpoint, learning the fundamentals and how the cue my students is necessary.

Welp, off my second day of class!  I’ll share some of what I learned this coming week!


3 thoughts on “YogaFit Training Day Uno

  1. Nice Melissa. That is exactly it! Once you get the basics, then you can figure out the way that seems most natural to you. Most folks that take yoga are at the beginner level so it’s good to know how to do that.

  2. Shawn

    Melissa – I think it is important to think about why you are taking the yoga certification class. Are you taking it because you want learn more advanced yoga techniques to enhance your yoga experience or are you taking it in order to learn to teach others the joy and benefits of yoga. It sounds like it is like learning to become a teacher of young children. You spend a lot of time reading children’s literature, which in and of itself would be pretty boring for most any adult unless you analyze the literature and think about how you need to use it to analyze the specific skills that each of your unique little learners needs to master in order to become a proficient reader – and most importantly – become a a reading fanatic, possessing a love of reading and a desire to learn – forever!

    So – I had an interesting conversation with my physical therapist this week about yoga. I had stopped by the Yoga to the People studio, It is just a couple of blocks from the hotel I stay in in Seattle. I took a postcard of theirs to the PT and asked her if she thought I could do yoga. She talked about the oh so many types of yoga and how, it my current state I need to start slow, being very cognizant of my neck and brain injury. She wasn’t sure from the post card if this particular studio would be best for me. She said their hot yoga would definitely be out 😦 as I need to start slow and control the stimuli (brain issues) and that I need to think about what I am doing with my neck (in the pose on the post card the lady had a very twisted neck). She said there is a wonderful yoga studio next to her house where the instructors are very aware and experienced working with people in a variety of physical conditions from MS to pregnancy. She also said, knowing me, if I showed up in a situation where I was not able to do all of the things that everyone else was doing – first I would try to , and possibly hurt myself – and/or I would become so depressed that i could not do it that I would not go back.

    She is a wonderful gal and said she would stop by and check it out for me. And let me know what she thought – if I should try it or look for another studio.

    I know you we be a amazing yoga instructor (as you are a wonderful elementary school teacher) and you will also find opportunities to challenge yourself. Just as you taught your little Korean charges and continued to learn (at an adult level:)) about the culture, history, etc of Asia.

    And maybe you could give ( in my recuperative state) me some helpful yoga experiences as well. I so admire your desire to learn new things and challenge yourself to find your max in the process!

    Love you!

    • mjorgey

      You are so right Shawn. Going into the training, I was a little nervous thinking I wouldn’t “cut it.” When I got there and realized I knew what was going on…I guess I was a little disappointed. haha. The second day was better when I started to think about the people I want to teach to–most African refugee women probably will not have much prior knowledge with yoga.

      I was doing yoga in the living room yesterday and I was talking through the poses as I often do. I pretend I’m teaching. I realized that the vocab I was using would probably not be appropriate for my students. The main challenge for me in teaching is not learning how to do the poses but learning how to TEACH them so I can share the joy of yoga and movement with others.

      I’m glad your PT is on board for yoga and sounds so ready to help! I’m thinking we should have a beach house weekend sometime soon and I can share what I’m learning!

      You’re a great Auntie! Love ya!

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