Portage Bay Cafe and Full Circle Organic Farm

This morning I checked out Portage Bay Cafe in the University District of Seattle with my Auntie Shawn.  We arrived just after 12:00 (I say morning because we were eating breakfast–I realize this is lunch time and technically afternoon) and the place, which is quite large, was packed.  There was a bit of a wait but luckily for us, there were two seats with our names all over them at the counter.  We took our seats and a waitress with a tree tattoo on her arm brought us coffee and without me even prompting, asked me if I wanted soy milk! The best part about the joe was the mug– it said, “Eat live you give a damn”, which turns out to be their motto.

Portage Bay Cafe focuses on providing Seattlites with local, organic, seasonal, and “oh baby, that’s good” meals in a casual setting (“oh baby, that’s good” is mine, not theirs).  Most of their producers are within a few miles of the restaurant.  This means you’re not only get super fresh, in season food, but they know their suppliers personally which provides accountability for delivering only the best!  One of their providers, Full Circle Farm, has been on my mind since Thanksgiving when I saw their table at the turkey trot my family took part in.    They are an organic farm located in Western Washington that delivers fresh, organic produces to the Northwest.  I’ve been considering signing us up for a weekly box of goodies.   I’m happy to say that my visit to Portage Bay was the clincher–We are now members of Full Circle Farm.  Can’t wait for our first box!

Okay, back to breakfast.  I ordered the autumn/winter hash which was a beautiful mix of roasted seasonal veggies and squash with tofu scramble and a slice of heavenly bread.  It was incredible and not only because of the exceptional blend of flavors and textures.  I knew I was eating locally grown, organic food that was not only healthy for my bod, but healthy for the environment and the community.

So, next time you’re in the Seattle area, stop by Portage Bay Cafe for breakfast/brunch/lunch.  If you live in the NW, check out Full Circle Organic Farm for some local, organic produce delivered to your doorstep for a very reasonable price.

Eat like you give a damn…

about where your food comes from

about what goes into your body

about the ethics of how your food is raised and handled

about how your food tastes

about the environment


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