No Day But Today

We are house/dog sitting this week.  First off, I LOVE the dog.  She’s this gorgeous, loving, and energetic golden retriever and we have become quick friends (I’m pretty sure she becomes quick friends with everyone).  She’s been running with me in the mornings and I’ll tell you what, she’s a fantastic training partner.  This girls got great endurance.  However, she does have a weak spot for squirrels, which are abundant where we live.  I get a great upper body workout  everytime she spots one.  She has been adding an element of fun and love to my life.

There’s been a lot going on lately with starting our new life in the Northwest.  Staying present and not allowing all of it to drive me bonkers has been a challenge.  Its been something I have had to consciously choose to do throughout the day.  On Monday, I was feeling really nervous about asking my employer (of the job I start in January) for the entire month of April off to do a project in South Africa.  I haven’t even worked yet and I’m asking for a month off!  I finally got the nerve and sent the e-mail.  The next few hours my brain struggled with these thoughts, “OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! I hope I didn’t blow it….” and “Melissa, who cares.  Stay in the moment and be confident in what you doing…”  I’m happy to say the latter thought won out and I was relatively calm for most of the day.

Sometime in the afternoon she returned my e-mail and told me to take all of April off and not to worry about getting covered, we’d figure it out in March!  What!  Awesome.  This all came the day after I received news that the state certification board gave me a temporary certificate so I can start substitute teaching.

So, lots of good news this week.  I think of a huge part of it has been my attitude.  The house we are staying at has the phrase  “No day but today” on a door leading to the basement. Each time I walk by it, it is a reminder to me to stay present.  This day will bring good and bad and I’ll deal with each as it comes.  There’s no sense worrying about  how someone will respond to a request or if I’ll be able to substitute teach this year.  It all works out in the end and there really is no day but today.

Just skydiving with my cousin Molly in the living room-- No day but today!


Stay tuned for more information on my trip to South Africa!


One thought on “No Day But Today

  1. Congratulations! I am so happy that you can go to South Africa and not lose your job. They must really appreciate you! YES!

    You have a wonderful attitude Melissa. Keep it up!

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