Happy 2012!

It’s January first and that means that Joshua and I are off on our raw adventure!  I was going to get the ball rolling with a green juice feast (liquid diet for the day) but because I also needed to get a long run in for the week, I decided to postpone the juice feast until tomorrow.  Details to come…

Juice feasting or not, I’d like to see green juice become a part of our morning routine.  Its like a flooding your system with vitamins, hydration, and and enzymes first thing in the morning.  Some people say, “why juice when you could blend and get all the fiber?”  You know me, I’m a fiber fanatic, but first thing in the A.M. our bodies want nutrition and stat!  By removing the fiber in the juicing process, our bodies quickly absorb all the goodies the veggies have to offer.

A few tips:

Try to use organic.  The purpose is to nourish your bod, not made it work harder to flush out the toxic chemicals found in conventional produce.  If organic isn’t an option, peal before you juice.

Drink on an empty stomach.   You’ll benefit more if your digestive system isn’t busy working on that bowl of cereal.  I sip some green tea while I’m working on my juice.

Get Creative.  Get out of the box, baby.  Start off with what your familiar with and then start incorporating new veggies!

Happy Juicing!


2 thoughts on “Happy 2012!

    • mjorgey

      If only my birthday wasn’t 8 months away! If the birthday wish granter comes early this year, I hope he/she gets me one that can also do wheatgrass. A girl can dream, right?

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