Mornings with MJ

A good friend on mine suggested that I do regular videos of quick morning exercises people could do to get their juices flowing and squeeze more health and goodness into their days!  So, here is the debut video of “Mornings with MJ”!

I do these three flows at the beginning of pretty much all yoga practices and also when I’m just feeling tight upon waking or in the evening…or at lunch…or any time of the day for that matter.  No equipment necessary!

This video contains three variations of cat/cow pose.  The first one, Buddha Circles (I made that name up…I don’t know if they have an actual name), are awesome for your hips, spine, upper back/shoulders, chest, and digestive system.  The other two are similar but are more focused on the spine.  I LOVE THEM.  Be sure to breathe–inhaling and exhaling deeply through your nose.  This will create heat in your body (good for getting everything loosey goosey), deliver oxygen to your cells, and calm your nervous system.

Please give me feed back!  If you have any request for yoga poses or strength type exercises for a particular area, ask and I’ll try to do a video just for you!


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