Recovery Smoothie

Last spring I went smoothie crazy.  We didn’t have a blender in Seoul so I used my food processor to make protein smoothies nearly every day.  I’m telling you, I think it’s what got me through the long humid as heck summer in Seoul.  I’d finish up my run and guzzle down a tall cold one.

I truly missed them while we were traveling (although I found plenty of delicious things to replace them) through Asia this fall. Now that we are home and have access to a blender, I’ve been getting my smoothie on like crazy.  I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my recovery.  I can do a long run on Saturday, be a little sore for the rest of the day, and then feel 100% on Sunday.  It’s amazing.  I think I should give at least a portion of the credit to my recovery smoothie.

Here’s what I put in it:

  • banana–frozen is best (or another soft fruit such as avo)
  • frozen berries
  • hemp protein–nice clean plant protein!
  • maca powder– good for your endocrine system and a surprise benefit you must watch the video to discover)
  • chia seeds–fiber and omega 3’s
  • flaxseed–binds smoothie and gives you an extra shot of fiber and omega 3’s
  • lemon/lime juice– alkaline in the body–helps balance pH levels which I’m all about after the stress of a workout
  • agave nectar–I like it sweet
  • greens–I love my greens
  • water

Sometimes I also use:

    • dates
    • mango
    • almond butter
    • nut milk
    • cucumber
    • pumpkin puree
You can find these ingredients on  It is an amazing online health food store–their prices kick grocery store butts!  If you use my code:  VOK916 or enter my e-mail address: and get $5 off your first order (I also get a little commission–win, win!) They deliver to Korea for all my friends in the East!
Check out my really excited face below!  It’s because I know a smoothie is just moments away!!!!

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