Why the Physio Ball will save your life*

*This claim has not been scientifically examined and it may be a little dramatic but a physio ball/stability ball is worth the small financial investment–a killer core means a healthier you!

The three exercises shown in the video are not part of my typical core routine.  In the video, I do one set of 1o just to model.  You want to work up to about 2 sets of 15.  Be patient with yourself.  Do what you can today and then come back and give it another go tomorrow!  Before you know it, two sets of 15 won’t even phase you.  This is when you know its time to change up your routine.

I do pretty much the same core routine every couple of days.  It’s a good work out but it not longer gives me that lovely sore feeling that lets me know my muscles are getting those cute little micro-tears that will be rebuilt into a stronger muscle during my recovery.  Kind of seems like a waste of time to work out and not get stronger, eh?  Making this video reminded me how important it is to switch up my routine from time to time.  Throwing new and challenging moves into the mix will help your gain strength (and burn fat) in a jiffy!  The stability ball is a great tool because it gets all your core muscles firing in order to keep you from falling off the ball!   Even just sitting on it at your desk or while you watch TV will be like a little mini-workout!


2 thoughts on “Why the Physio Ball will save your life*

  1. Bethany

    I love my balance ball! I also love doing what I call reverse planks–plank position with feet on the ball, bring knees to chest and push back out again. Time to go pump it up…

    • mjorgey

      That’s a great one, Bethany! Thanks for reminding me about it! I’ll have to throw some of those in this week. I’m feeling a little soft around the edges lately. Living in Korea, I walked or rode my bike everywhere…All this driving me making me soft! More walking, more core!

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