Pushup Mini-Session

Doing pushups on a regular basis will make you strong.  They are one of my favorite exercises because I can do them anywhere, I don’t need any equipment, and they engage nearly my entire body.  Some serious bang-for-my-buck as I like to say.

Some people shy away from pushups because they are “hard”. But that’s what makes them so wonderful!  I’ve made a short video demonstrating several variations of pushups for different levels of strength.  Wherever you are at, if you spend just a few minutes a couple times a week doing it, you’ll start to notice yourself getting stronger.

The key things I mention in the video are body position and wrist alignment.  Whatever variation you are using, you want your body in a straight line from your feet (or knees if you’re on your knees) to the top of your head.  This requires that you engage your quads, glutes, abs, back, and shoulders.  Check yourself out in a mirror.  Second, your wrists should be in alignment with your shoulders meaning that they are not way out in front of you or hiding under your body.  You can, however, choose if your hands are wide, shoulder width or narrow.

So, you ready for some pushups???


5 thoughts on “Pushup Mini-Session

  1. Melissa, thanks so much for these fun little exercise sessions. They are great. Now that the power is back on, I want to make them a part of my workout routine.

    I got my first run in post Big Freeze! YES!

    By the way, there is a little key on one of the Ford key rings. By chance, is that your apt. key that you were looking for? If it is, we have another reason to get together. ;D

    Enjoy the moment!


    • mjorgey

      Julie, Thank you for inspiring me to make the videos 🙂 Yay for getting a post-freeze run in! Yesterday I was busting moving all over the place on my run every time I hit an icy patch. I’m sure I gave commuters a good laugh.

      I’m not sure about the key but its not our apartment key as we solved that mystery. We should plan a get together anyway though and maybe I can try to identify it!

      • That would be great. Howard has no idea either but we’re old and can’t remember our own names half of the time.

        Glad you didn’t get hurt on your run. I am sure the drivers loved the show!!!

        Let me know when you are up for a reunion.

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