How to use a Neti Pot.

Raise your hand if you hate having a cold?  Sinus infection?  No thank you.  Last year, I got my toosh handed to me by some nasty infections–several bouts of bronchitis and these strange and painful bumps on my butt.   I got to know the GP by my work pretty well.  Every time I’d get sick, I go see him and he’d give me antibiotics along with several other horse pills to take three times a day.  I’d start to feel better but soon as I finished the course I’d be sick again and back in his office.  It was torture.

I didn’t really put my illness and the painful bumps together until I realized that each time I went on a course of antibiotics they would go away and then return as soon as I went off and my illness came back.  I called my friend Emily, who lived up stairs from us and is a nurse, and described them to her.  After she took a look at them (yep, I showed her my ass), she said I should get it checked out.  I didn’t have time to go to the GP so I went to the Oriental Medicine Clinic in the same building as my work.  I’ll make a long story short and tell you that the doctor (I liked to call him my medicine man) never even looked at my butt (I thought maybe he wasn’t understanding my problem as his English wasn’t that great). He felt my wrists, and ordered 4 rounds of acupuncture and these concoction of herbs to drink three times a day (it tasted like poo).  Within days, I was feeling much better and the bumps were going away.  It was like magic and his office became my new hang out on breaks ($4 acupuncture, yes please!)

Okay, so this isn’t even a post about the wonders of acupuncture or Oriental Medicine.  Its about the neti pot.  Neti pots have been used by yogi’s for ions.  They are used to cleanse the nasal passage–warding off infections and allowing for yogi’s to get their yogi breathing on.  I had used one before but in Korea, my neti pot became my best friend.  Once I decided that the antibiotics were NOT helping me and probably just creating some super bug in my body, I went full force battling my illness with alternative means. I even took the neti pot to work with me and cleaned out every few hours–if they weren’t going to give me time off, I was going to terrify everyone with my nasal cleansing!  ahahaha. (evil cackle)

You know how you feel like your head is going to explode when your sinuses are full?  I can hardly stand the idea of all that infected mucus just chilling up there making me feel miserable!  yuck.  The neti pot will help to draw all that S#*$ out of there.  Be warned, you might see some nasty globs of mystery gunk coming out of your head.  Don’t worry, it’s not your brain.  Embrace it, that’s the badness leaving your body.

Here’s a short how to video on using the neti pot.  Its a really strange sensation at first but once you get the hang on it, you’ll love it.  Don’t forget to BREATHE THROUGH YOUR MOUTH!

Can I just say that these videos always pick the least flattering moment to show as the beginning still frame?  Yikes.

What do you do to combat sinus yuckiness?


* Note:  I recently read an article about a man getting some brain eating amoeba after using the neti-pot.  This same amoeba killed two children who swam in infected water.  To be safe, you can use distilled water.  I use filtered tap water.


One thought on “How to use a Neti Pot.

  1. Nice. I’ve seen folks with really bad allergies use a neti pot and it alleviated all of the symptoms. I heard about the brain eating amoeba as well. The water that he used was still in question.

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