Flow, My Child, Flow.

I had a special request for a 30 minute yoga flow at Mornings with MJ! This was my second attempt at recording it as my first go at it over the weekend got cut off!  I must have fallen asleep in pigeon because when I looked up at the recorder, it had gone to sleep as well! Shame.  So, not wanting to leave you with an incomplete video and not having the video editing skills to pick up where it left off and smoosh the two videos together, I made ya a new one!

This is a basic flow series designed to generate a little heat in the body, open up the hips, and tone and strengthen the body.  I did my best to get my entire body in the camera but sometimes my hands disappear out of range (it was my head the first few times).

Please, please, please, if you have any special requests for yoga, strengthening, etc. videos don’t be shy!



4 thoughts on “Flow, My Child, Flow.

  1. Thank you Melissa. I am so excited about this. 30 minutes is perfect. I am going to a cross training class at 5:30 in the morning now but they don’t end with stretching. Now, I can come home and stretch with you. Si! Gracias!

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