Happy Cooked Food Day!

30 days of raw is over in the Jorgensen household and we are “allowed” to eat cooked food again!  There are so many things I want to cook (and eat) that I hardly know where to start and I don’t want to over do it.  I mean, most of our diet is raw anyway so I’m trying to keep things as normal as possible so as not to throw everything off.

We began new healthy habits! During our 30 days of raw, we started a few new things that I plan to continue to incorporated on a regular basis.  The biggest one is sprouting.  Sprouting brings grains back to life.  When you eat sprouted grains, you are actually eating a living plant, full of life giving enzymes!  We sprouted quinoa, barley, wheat berries, and lentils.  We also soaked almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.  We pretty much had something sprouting or soaking around the clock for the last month.  It was fun!

I also started making my own energy “gels” for long runs.  I typically take a long a few Cliff gels but they are super processed and we have been trying to wean off of them for a while.  I had to play around to figure out the best way to store them on the run as the first time I tried squeezing it out of a bottle and it was too thick.  I had to take the lid off (and my gloves) and dig it out.  Not ideal.  The next time I was on a treadmill so I just put it in a cup and ate it with a spoon (I thought this was so funny to eat with a spoon while running).  The last long run I put it in a ziplock and squeezed a little out each time.  This seemed to work best.  Anyone else have ideas?

We consumed LOADS of greens.  We were already big time green eaters but we took it to a whole new level this past month.  I started adding greens to our smoothies, making green juice a few times a week, and we often had two mando salads each day.  That’s a whole lot of chlorophyll!  My favorite greens these days are spinach and swiss chard.  I eat it by the handful.  I feel like a dinosaur when I do it.  Spinach, as you would have it, is a great source of protein.  It had two grams per serving.  After you toss in some nuts, sprouted greens, and other goodies, you’ve got yourself a protein rich raw vegan meal!

We gave our food processor and blender a workout! The blender was put to work each morning to make our delicious hemp/fruit/green smoothies.  The food processor was in use most nights as I made fun new raw dinners and desserts (so yummy).

I made two non-raw choices during the month.   One was a total break down and it had nothing to do with wanting cooked food.  It was completely emotional and I ended up sleeping for several hours (okay, I ended up going to bed at 2 PM and sleeping until the next morning during the snow storm).  I woke up and thought, “I can hate myself for doing that or I can let it go and carry on.”  So I let it go and started new.  The other time was when I was making chocolate chip cookies for our neighbor who helped us out during the snow storm.  I licked the spoon a few times.  Oops.  Flour does not equal raw even if I haven’t cooked it yet.

Things I noticed:

I poop a lot as it is but, MY OH MY.  This girl has a clean colon.

My energy levels were super even but that isn’t too odd for me–as long as I’m not downing coffee every day I’m able to keep even steven.

I actually feel like I gained weight but not so much because I was eating raw.  I think it’s because I’m now a car owner and its so cold and dark at night that we sort of hunker down after dinner.  I’m looking for ideas to get active in the evenings–maybe take an evening yoga class once a week or something.  Any ideas?

Today, I treated myself to some homemade granola for breakfast (in place of my usual smoothie) .  My lunch was a big-ol’ raw salad and for dinner ROASTED VEGGIES!  Heck yes.


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