Fab Abs Tip #3: Examine Your Day

How can examining your day help you have fab abs?  If you are anything like me, there is probably a part of your day when you are more prone to bad habits.  For me, this time comes in the evening.  I’ve eaten dinner, I’m in my PJ’s, it’s cold and dark outside but it’s not time to go to bed.

So what do I do?  I snack and sit around.  I’m not hungry, I just don’t have anything else particuarly exciting to do so I eat.  Eating out of boredom is not great for fab abs.  To solve this problem/break this habit, my focus has to move beyond just not eating after dinner if I’m not hungry.  I need a healthier habit to replace this not so healthy habit.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with to replace my late night munching/laziness:

  • take an evening yoga class
  • join an indoor climbing gym
  • go for a walk–night time walks are fun!
  • start a project
  • take a class
  • read with a cup of tea–this stimulates my mind while soothing me in preparation for sleep at the same time!

So far, I’ve been going for walks.  I’m not super comfortable going alone in our neighborhood after dark but Josh has been keen to go with me thus far!  Its a 2for1- quality time with Josh and its healthy for my body. Sometimes its just a stroll to the grocery store to grab some produce for the next day and other days its a full hour of exploring. I also started a “vision board” with some of the things I want to incorporate into my life (more of this another day).  Right now, I’m sort of about the free or really cheap activities but hopefully soon I’ll also take some evening yoga classes or something of that nature.

What time of the day do you find that you are least intentional/fall into unhealthy habits?  What kinds of things do you do in the evening to stay healthy?  Especially in the winter?




6 thoughts on “Fab Abs Tip #3: Examine Your Day

  1. Oh yes, definitely the evening is my worst time. I think I might have to switch out my evening cup of tea for warm lemon water or something….for me, tea and cookies go hand in hand – that’s the Brit in me! If the cookies are to go, the tea will have to go first!

    I tried your tip#2 yesterday….stupidly after a 9 mile run so I was pretty exhausted by the time I finished! I like it though – I’ll do it again at the weekend. It’s a great one to follow at home. Thanks!

    Oh…and night walks are a great idea! When I can persuade my kids we take flashlights and the dog on a walk through the woods….fun!

    • mjorgey

      I get the cookies and tea thing, Anna. We lived in South Africa for a while and so I often think I should have something sweet with my tea–what is rooibos without a rusk to dunk in it? Lemon water is a good idea.

  2. Bethany

    This is bringing up bad memories of grad school–it’s midnight, I’m exhausted, and I’ll still be up for three hours writing a paper, so I eat. Tea has definitely been helpful curbing the eight o’clock snack urges.

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