Dates with Pistachio and Coconuts

When I was a kiddo, I was obsessed with a recipe I nabbed out of a Sesame Street book my neighbor gave me.  Peanut Butter balls were IT–peanut butter and powdered sugar all mixed up, rolled into balls, and refrigerated for an hour or so.  To.Die.For.

I sometimes get cravings for the peanut butter balls of my childhood.  While I don’t think its horrible to give into those cravings from time to time, eating peanut butter and sugar balls on a regular basis is less than ideal for my health…this is why I was THRILLED when I discovered a healthier treat that reminds of the gooey goodness of peanut butter balls.  I realize that my replacement seems nothing like the original, but the sweetness and nuttiness combined with the gooey texture hits the spot!

This is great for dessert as well as a pre-run snack.  Yummers.


  • pitted medjool dates
  • pistachios (I used salted, if you use raw-unsalted, add a pinch of salt to the recipe)
  • dried coconut


  • place shelled pistachios in food processor and process for about 5 minutes
  • slice dates down the center length-wise
  • spoon pistachio mix into dates
  • sprinkle coconut on top
  • Enjoy!

Happy Eating!


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