Almond Chocolate Recovery Smoothie

It was chocolatey, and messy, and wonderful.

Ya’ll know I love smoothies! I have a green smoothie most mornings.  They are refreshing, nourishing, and dang tasty.  Green smoothies are my staple smoothie but lately I’ve been wanting to mix it up a little.  Like today, I got back from a fast 15 miler and was in the mood for something sexy (to drink).

So, in a moment of inspiration, I whipped up a little somethin’-somethin’ out of my comfort zone and boy was a I glad I did.  I drank this in the bathtub with lots of lavendary bubbles.  Talk about bliss.


  • Thanks iherb for the free sample! It was deeelicious.

    1 banana

  • a scoop plant based protein (I just happened to have this sample from iherb that I used but you could also just use straight hemp and spice it up)
  • 1 spoonful almond butter
  • spoonful of carob powder
  • packet stevia or a squeeze of agave
  • A few handfuls of ice
  • water to your liking (I like mine thick so I add a little bit of water at a time)


  • I like to chop the ice in the blender first
  • Put it all in and blend it all up!

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