Yoga in the Park…

Coming to you this summer!

What:  Free outdoor yoga in various parks in Tacoma and Puyallup

Why: Because northwest summers are the best and Yoga feels so dang good!  And because my yoga certification program requires that I teach a minimum of 8 hours of free yoga.

Who:  Come one, come all. No prior experience necessary.

Where: Point Defiance Park, Wright Park, Bradley Lake (Puyallup), and a special day in Ocean Shores.

When:  Beginning mid-July and running through the end of August (See schedule for details).  All yoga sessions are approximately 60 minutes.

Other Important Info:

We will also being group runs before some of the yoga sessions. Anyone is welcome to join, stay tuned for more details

I’ll designate a meeting spot in the park the week of the class

Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket or towel to use a a prop, and a plastic garbage bag to place under your mat if you are worried about it getting dirty/wet

In case of inclement weather, I will post a back up plan on cafemj the day of or worst case, reschedule!

Let’s get our yoga on! Yeah!


Date: Place: Time:
Friday July 13 Ocean Shores–Beach House or Jetty Beach if weather allows 4 PM
Thursday July 19  Wright Park 4:30 PM
Sunday July 22  Point Defiance Park 9 AM
Sunday July 29

Saturday July 28


Point Defiance Park 9 AM
Thursday  August 2  Wright Park 4:30 PM
Sunday August 5  Bradley Lake (Puyallup) 9 AM
Thursday August 9  Wright Park 4:30 PM 

10 AM

Sunday August 19  Point Defiance Park 9 AM
Thursday August 23  Wright Park 4:30 PM

Please RSVP to or 253-370-3431…if you forget and want to come, come!


7 thoughts on “Yoga in the Park…

  1. Julie Wiley

    It’s going to be one heck of a run to get to the Ocean Shores yoga session but you are worth it! hee hee See ya tomorrow morning.

    • mjorgey

      haha. If you’re keen to do yoga at the beach…and join in on the festivities of the weekend you and Howard are more than welcome to come down for the weekend! Looking forward to a run in the A.M.!

      • Julie Wiley

        Thanks Melissa. I have to see what happens with his interview on the 5th. I have written down all of the other dates in my calendar.

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