Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup, homemade bread, olive oil and balsamic (aged to perfection thanks to my Auntie Kelly). Try not to get warm fuzzy feelings when you eat this meal.

I was dying for some minestrone soup the other day. I love having a big pot of soup on hand to dunk into throughout the week!  I typically add a little broth each time I reheat a bowl as the liquids tend to get soaked up into the veggies and pasta.  This is a great one for winter (or a cool Washington summer).  Whip up a batch of bread, pour yourself some olive oil and balsamic and you’ve got yourself a delicious Italian meal.

As a splurge, I added some veggie Italian sausage to my bowl last night–oh my word, was it delicious or what.

Recipe Inspired By cleangreensimple.com
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Peanut Butter Cookies

I was in a baking mood this morning so I whipped out my copy of The Joy of Vegan Baking and skimmed the recipes for something that wouldn’t require a trip to the store.  With a few modifications, Peanut Butter Cookies won.  And who doesn’t love peanut butter cookies?

I replaced All Purpose Flour with white whole wheat.  For added Fiber and Omega 3’s, I stirred in about a quarter cup of chia seeds.  I also had about 1/4 cup dairy free chocolate chips hanging around in the panty that I decided to mix into the last batch (YUM–peanut butter AND chocolate).  The cookies are a little high in sugar (cookies tend to be that way) but I did replace 1/4 cup of the brown sugar for a few soaked dates–still sugar but adds even a little more fiber to the mix.  And lastly, instead of using an Ener-G egg replacer which I couldn’t seem to find in the pantry, I used flaxseed whipped up with water to act as a binder…which also added a little more fiber and omega 3’s.
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Yoga in the Park Update!

Last weekend, a group of my female relatives and my dad headed down to my parents’ beach house for what was going to be a “racing” weekend.  In the end, two of us ended up running the 5k–my cousin Courtney setting a personal record!  Despite the fact that the big race weekend was well, not very racy, we enjoyed our time at the beach and I lead the gals in the first official, “Yoga in the Park” session on the deck. It was a great experience for me–doing yoga with my mom, auntie, and cousins while my dad giggled in the kitchen was very fulfilling!

Tomorrow, Thursday July 19, will be the first yoga session actually in a park!  REMINDER! If you are planning on coming, we will meet in front of the restrooms in Wright Park at 4:30 and then find ourselves a cozy little spot (preferably not near the bathrooms) to get our zen on.  Please bring a Yoga mat,  towel (to use as a prop), and an attitude of gratitude! PICNIC TO FOLLOW–if you are coming e-mail me or text me or message me in some form or another and let me know what you’d like to bring to share!

Stay tuned for a few schedule changes coming up in the next few weeks!