Black Bean Pie–Veganized

Roll it, Pat it, and mark it with a J.  I’m still working on making my pie crusts look beautiful. It’s sure tasty though!

Way back when I was a lover of cheese, a co-worker shared this delicious black bean pie recipe with me.  I was obsessed and often made it for guests who always “ooooo’d and aaawwwwed” over this super cheesy vegetarian dish.
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How Pregnancy has changed me (thus far)

Whose belly is that??????

My body was telling me I was pregnant moments after conception–well, maybe not moments but within days I was feeling a little morning nausea on my runs.  That I might be pregnant crossed my mind but I tried to not obsess over it and dismiss the nausea as a little bug…

When my menstruation date came and went I took a pregnancy test that read negative.  I waited a few more days and Auntie Flow still had no arrived so I took another test.  It was positive–as were the next 3.  Over the next few weeks I felt my body changing from the inside out.  Of course there was the nausea and the extreme exhaustion…and then my bra started to feel a little snug, the thought of eating spinach salad (a staple in our house) made me gag, then my pants started feeling uncomfortable, and I was craving childhood foods like my mom’s Mexican Pie and Nachos (neither or which are vegan).
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