How Pregnancy has changed me (thus far)

Whose belly is that??????

My body was telling me I was pregnant moments after conception–well, maybe not moments but within days I was feeling a little morning nausea on my runs.  That I might be pregnant crossed my mind but I tried to not obsess over it and dismiss the nausea as a little bug…

When my menstruation date came and went I took a pregnancy test that read negative.  I waited a few more days and Auntie Flow still had no arrived so I took another test.  It was positive–as were the next 3.  Over the next few weeks I felt my body changing from the inside out.  Of course there was the nausea and the extreme exhaustion…and then my bra started to feel a little snug, the thought of eating spinach salad (a staple in our house) made me gag, then my pants started feeling uncomfortable, and I was craving childhood foods like my mom’s Mexican Pie and Nachos (neither or which are vegan).

People have asked me what I will do if I crave meat or other animal products during my pregnancy.  The truth is, I haven’t specifically craved them, but I have craved dishes that contain them.  So, I’ve tapped into my creative genius and remade them as vegan–I’m not claiming they’ve been super healthy but they were animal product free!

I’ve had to cut myself some slack.  Sure, I’m not eating as many greens and raw veggies as I typically do, but I’m eating more than the USDA says I need (that’s not saying much though, eh?  5 a day?  I can do 5 for breakfast!)  Of course I’m going to have to put my normal skinny jeans away–I’m growing a baby!  I was a little distraught over how much I weighed and how fast I felt like I had gained it.  The midwife reassured me that every woman and every pregnancy is different and that smaller frames and flat tummies usually show earlier–there’s no where to hide my growing uterus.  I’ve had to be okay with putting on a little extra fat around my middle–my body will need some fat stores for breast feeding.

As for running, I’m still doing it and that is a success!  My mileage is not what it was but it doesn’t need to be–I’m not training for an ultra, I’m training to labor a baby (which I’m afraid is going to be way more painful).  I run slower and feel heavier but as I proved to myself at the Wild Woman Marathon–I can turn it on when I’m feeling good and energized by others.  And besides, I can get into ridiculous shape after the baby is born!  Just think of all the extra fat I’ll be burning breast feeding!  It will be like running an extra 3 miles a day!  This is what I’m telling myself, anyway.

So, ladies, what did you crave during your pregnancies?  How did it alter your running/exercise routine? Any advice for these next 6 months?  Anyone want to cook me some vegan freezer food (thought I’d slip that one in)?


8 thoughts on “How Pregnancy has changed me (thus far)

  1. emily

    Your beautiful body has changed so much even in the week I last saw you!
    A humbly ‘accepting’ post MJ-keep enjoying and discovering the change each day 🙂

    • mjorgey

      It has, hasn’t it! At first I was like, heck no I’m not putting a photo of my belly on the web…then I laughed at myself and decided to embrace it.

  2. Shawn dickson

    Whose belly is that? Well, I have an answer to that! It is no longer yours. It belongs to that new little life growing inside of you. The rest of your body, energy and spirit will soon belong to that new little life as well. And you will be happy to pretty much turn your life over to the new little being- okay, there will be days that you will say, “Dear God, what have I done”. But, overall, you will be amazed at the incredible love you feel for your child and the amazing bond that forms the moment they place that slimy, squirmy little being on your chest.

    So, you belly does not belong to you. Your uterus is now inhabited by a tiny alien being who is going to continue to grow until your uterus is anything but tiny. You will be amazed that your body can stretch that much. The good news is, the belly is temporary and the new life is permanent!

    Love you, love your belly,

    Auntie Shawn

    • mjorgey

      When I look at women in their third trimester I think, “Holy Moly, I don’t know if my body can do that!” haha…I know it can and will but its just mind blowing.

      Can’t wait to meet the little person inside of me!

  3. Sarah

    Melissa! You look adorable!! SO excited for you guys. Isn’t it funny how we don’t believe the tests once they are positive. Ryan and I took 5! Yep there’s a baby in there 🙂 I definitely agree with about the spinach, it started making me throw up so I have been afraid of eating it. I’ve had an easy time getting my fruits in throughout the day but veggies I’ve struggled with. The first 4 months I was so nauseous, throwing up and on the couch…running was kind of shot and so was eating vegan. I started craving carbs and easy to grab snacks. I would love to see how you have incorporated vegan into yummy cravings from childhood! It’s so hard finding stuff that you are in the mood for these days. Embrace your belly…I’m right there with you…I need a wardrobe change and it’s not always fun trying to fit into those skinny jeans.

    • mjorgey

      Sarah, I’m sorry you were feeling so rough for the first 14 months! I haven’t been myself, that is for sure, but I feel lucky to have only had mild to moderate nausea. The biggest thing for me has been fatigue. I get sooo tired. Sundays often turn into a sleep fest. I’ll try to share some of my “remade” recipes in the near future.

      To Baby Pumps!

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