Long Distance Running, Plant-Based Eating, and Pregnancy

15 weeks

Two of the big things I get a lot of, “Shouldn’t you cut back on running?” and “Are you sure its okay to be a vegan while pregnant?” Here is my humble attempt to respond to both:

1)Running and pregnancy.

There are about a million and 1 opinions on this.  Some of the older literature says you shouldn’t run at all.  But then again, women were not allowed to run the marathon prior to the 1960’s  because it was believed their uterus would fall out. Um, pretty ridiculous, right?  This totally does not take what we know about our long distance running ancestors into account–men, women (pregnant, breast feeding included), old, and young persistent hunted in packs.  It was vital that the women kept up on these long distance treks, literally running down their food.  They needed the calories from the kill.  And well, as you all know, the world is populated, which means they must have pushed some healthy babies out their vaginas.  Just saying.

Other literature/people on the internet say you shouldn’t run more than a couple of miles at a time and only if you are a well conditioned athlete.  What defines a well conditioned athlete?  There’s a heck of a difference between someone like me who runs recreationally and a professional runner.  Am I well conditioned?

The more reasonable and newer literature suggests that you should try to continue at the level you were at before you became pregnant.  Every doctor/midwife/nurse I have spoken with has encouraged me to continue my running  as long as I am comfortable.  So, that I will do.  I’m not training for anything major so I’m down to about 30-35 miles a week supplemented with yoga and a new fun workout class I’m taking (that’s making me seriously sore at the moment).  I’m planning to run a 15 K (9 mile) trail race in October and hopefully a half marathon in November and then not race anymore til after baby.

If you didn’t run before you were pregnant, you probably should think about other forms of exercise during your pregnancy and work with your doctor to come up with a pregnancy fitness plan.  And fitness is super important during pregnancy! You’ll be healthier, more energized, your baby is more likely to have a healthy birth weight, and your delivery is likely to be easier.  I am hoping that I am just run/waddle my way to the hospital come the big day!

2) Veganism and Pregnancy

Yesterday I had my iron levels checked and I passed with golden stars all over the show.  The nurse said, “you must be a very healthy eater.” I told her I am a vegan. She entered into her system and it then required her to make me an appointment with a nutritionist.  She looked at all my other labs–rock star numbers.  We both laughed at the absurdity of it.  Here I am,  wonderful blood pressure, glorious blood work, healthy weight, and I have to have a mandatory appointment with someone to tell me what I should be eating.  Ha. Ridiculous.

My blood work and overall great health are testament enough–our bodies (including pregnant ones) can and will thrive when fed a well planned, intentional plant based diet.  Our bodies do not need animal products. Simple as that.

I think the most important thing during pregnancy is to listen to your body and stay as relaxed as possible  Good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and laughter, and love are what keep me sane, healthy, and happy–and goodness knows they can’t be bad for baby either!

Any other vegetarians/vegans out there that continued to eat this way through pregnancy?  Athletes/runners?


4 thoughts on “Long Distance Running, Plant-Based Eating, and Pregnancy

    • mjorgey

      Thanks, Mom. I ordered some baby bump running clothes so I don’t just look like I have a chubby tummy when I work out. Gotta show the bump off!

  1. Amber

    I kept running during pregnancy until it became too uncomfortable, around 32 weeks for me. I continued to take yoga and aerobics classes at the gym and did strength training the whole time. I actually was at aerobics the day before he was born 🙂 Keep going as long as you can! It really does help, especially with getting back into shape post-birth. Is your hubbie vegan too? Do you plan to raise the baby vegan?

    • mjorgey

      Hi Amber! I love that you were at aerobics the day before your little man was born. There is a pregnant lady in the fitness class I’m taking that is due on Monday and she inspires me so much! Workin’ it! Josh is mostly vegan. He prefers to eat vegan and eats vegan at home. However, he can’t say no to free food. haha. This means that he sometimes eats animal products outside of the house. We plan to raise baby vegan and I’m doing research on the subject but will get more in to it when the time comes. I feel fortunate that there are so many families that have gone before that share their experiences via blogs and such. I’ve read that vegan kids get less colds and infections–among other great benefits! I’m sort of a nut– I love the “puzzle” of making sure I get all the nutrients I need. I’m sure I’ll be even more nutty over our kiddos! Can’t wait!

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