First Annual Sweet ‘P’ Turkey Trot

He lived it up–and so should you!

 Please join me at 9 AM Thanksgiving morning, for a trot around Point Defiance Park in celebration of Payton’s life!  For the past 2 years my family has participated in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning in Payton’s honor, as Thanksgiving falls right around his November 25 birthday. Payton lived so fully for 4.5 years and both his life and death remind us to continue living with joy,  love, and gratitude!

This is an unofficial event—meaning there will be no aid stations, no official numbers, no marshals telling you crazy turkeys which way to turn, and no race shirts/bags. I am told by park authorities that a number of the restrooms will be open…and for goodness sakes, we’ll be in the woods (ain’t no shame in squatting ladies). No swag at this trot but its FREE FREE FREE!

There will be several options for routes—the longest being the entirety of 5-mile drive and the others being portions of it.  I will post maps with the various “short” cuts that you are welcome to print and use as a guide. Please keep in mind that all the routes have some hills to climb.

Coffee (BRING YOUR OWN CUP!) will be provided afterwards and please do feel free to bring a special breakfast type goodie to share (bagels, muffins, fruit). Small donations will be accepted for the coffee bar.

Kids, Strollers, and dogs are welcome.  Just remember to bundle your little turkeys up!  Don’t want any cold feathers and sad faces at this trot!

Quick Facts:

When:  November 22, 2012 @ 9AM

Where:  Point Defiance Park—Start and finish at main picnic area (by playground)

Cost:  FREE!

Costumes:  Payton loved ORANGE.  Please do your best to rock the orange OR give us your best Thanksgiving costume (there may be a prize for best dressed).

Register: by commenting below, emailing me at, or shooting me a message on Facebook.  Please let me know if you plan on coming, how many people you will be bringing, your e-mail, and if you plan to bring a treat to share.

Directions:   Click Here!

Looking forward to celebrating with all of you!


4 thoughts on “First Annual Sweet ‘P’ Turkey Trot


    Hi Melissa,

    I’m sorry to say we will not be around for T hanksgiving this year we are going to the cabin for some needed rest and relaxation.  We will be back on Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Paul is not running the Seattle Marathon either as he has a tear in a calf muscle and the Dr.  said no no.  Hope all is well, I can see from face book that the baby bump is growing:), Looks great! 

    Love you,


    • mjorgey

      How wonderful that you’ll be at the cabin. I was thinking that might be your plan! I might be running the ghost of Seattle 1/2 marathon on that Saturday after Thanksgiving. COuld I crash at your house on Friday night while you’re gone so as to save myself a little extra sleep in the A.M.? Maybe I can see you guys Saturday evening? Love you all!

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