5 Minute Energy Balls


I’ve been finding my eating a lot of Lara bars and the sorts lately. Between nursing, training, and life–it’s just so much easier the grab a bar between meals than to prepare a homemade snack. From a health perspective, Lara bars are excellent. They usually contain just a couple ingredients–all of which are whole foods and free of animal products. However, eating Lara bars everyday can get pricey (not to mention the packaging and environmental aspect). While reading the ingredient list on a wrapper the other day, I began to feel guilty about not making my own. So, while Leif snoozed in his baby carrier on my chest, I went for it…

These make for a great pre-workout snack and they taste like chocolate chip cookie dough–I kid you not!


  • About 15 medjool dates, pitted
  • 2 large handfuls walnuts
  • 1 handful cocoa nibs or vegan chocolate chips


  • Put nuts and dates in food processor and process unit it forms a sticky dough
  • Stir in cocoa nibs
  • Form into balls and place in covered container in fridge
  • Enjoy!

The 4th Trimester

It’s hard to believe our little man is over a month old. Seriously, it has flown by. He has grown so much and no longer fits in his newborn clothes! He can hold his head up and even roll from his tummy to his back! He’s spending more time awake and examining the world with his clear blue (gorgeous) eyes. My perspective on life has been rocked and my awareness of my own mortality has intensified like crazy. My desire to be healthy and grow old to watch Leif grow old is so strong.

After Leif’s birth, I focused those first few weeks on recovering from labor and delivery and learning how to be a mom– around the clock nursing, rocking, diaper changing, love. It was really hard but I vowed to embrace it because it would not last long. I was surprised at how quickly my body changed in those first couple of weeks. In less than two weeks, I was 22 pounds lighter from my last days of pregnancy. Most of that, of course was fluid, baby, and other stuff that left my body during delivery (hello big ol placenta!). Nursing quickly shrunk my uterus back to normal and within 2 weeks I was back in my skinny jeans (although they were a little snug ground the waist at first).

1,3 and 7 days postpartum

1,3 and 7 days postpartum

2 weeks postpartum

2 weeks postpartum

By the first of April I was ready to turn my walking into running and return to my workout class. The first run was 3 miles, pushing the stroller. The next was 4. I was elated to do pull-ups without all the extra weight of being 9 months pregnant. I practically flew over the bar on the first one (and then after pumping out several sets had to sit down because I was dizzy). I’m still healing a little and get sore in my baby pushing areas sometimes but feel great for the most part. I love working out hard again!!

1 month 2 days postpartum

1 month 2 days postpartum

Here are some of my goals for this spring and summer:

-Long Run  10 miles by May 15

-Long Run 13 miles by beginning on June

-Stroller fitness class at least 1 time per week

-Run 5 days per week

-Rainier to Ruston Relay June 1

-Wild Woman Marathon July 20

-1 more trail race in May or June and August

-Defiance 50k in October (not technically spring or summer)

-drop 5 more pounds by June

Lots of work ahead! That last one is the least important but I’d love to be at my ideal running weight for the summer and fall!

What are you guys doing this spring and summer to stay motivated and healthy?