Well, nobody’s perfect…

Today is day 5 of my 16 day challenge! I will confess however that last night, I did partake in a glass of wine. You see, it’s not often I get to go to bar these days and have men buy me a drink, so when josh volunteered to walk around with Leif and his friend offered to buy me a glass of wine, it was hard to pass up! I don’t feel at all guilty.

Other than the glass of wine and a little extra snack afterward (a healthy one), I’ve been sticking with it! So much green juice, smoothies, and tea that mine and Leif’s poop has been a little green! I’m already feeling less bloated which motivates me to keep at it!

Here are some of the delicious meals I’ve been enjoying:

green tea, green juice, green smoothie, big salad, celery with almond butter, kombucha, salad, quinoa with steamed broccoli and tamari sauce

green tea, green juice, green smoothie, big salad, celery with almond butter, kombucha, salad, quinoa with steamed broccoli and tamari sauce



salad with the works, vegan cesar salad, sweet potato ‘fries’, black bean sweet potato burger, Molly’s special (mixed greens, olives, blueberries, corn, cherry tomatoes, avo, balsamic, almonds)


Why Hi’ya There Stranger

Good thing Leif loves riding in the trailer cause mama's cycling this summer!

Good thing Leif loves riding in the trailer cause mama’s cycling this summer! And he is so stylish doing it!

It’s been much too long!  I returned to my nanny job in May and was very very busy with a newborn and two lovely toddlers until last week when their mama started her summer break and I went on my own!  To add to the business, we are buying a duplex!  We are supposed to get the keys next week!

With my return to work in May and the craziness of purchasing a home, I sort of let some areas of my diet slip.  Mainly–coffee.  I became pretty reliant on java to get through my day.  I also found myself indulging a little more than usual on such delicacies as dark chocolate and the sort.  Also, I’ve been fighting a sinus thing (poor little Leif is too) and my body has been tight and my left foot is angry at me apparently and struggling to heal from plantar fascitis. This means my marathon goals for the summer have been put on hold and I’m doing a lot of cross training with a little bit of running.  That’s okay.

I’m not letting it get me down (too much).  After a weekend of much indulgence (can you say Almond  milk Ice cream with kailua?)…I’m dedicating the next 16 days to cleaning up shop.  This doesn’t mean starving myself by any means–it means a focus on nutrition.  I’m using Kris Karr’s Crazy Sexy Cleanse as a guide but of course I’m skipping out of the juice fasts and adding a little extra to my day since I’m responsible for 100% of Leif’s nutrients!  I’m of course focusing on my greens, healthy fats, and lots and lots of veggies but also trying to include at least one fermented food every day to help balance those bacteria in my gut.  Also, daily yoga (whether its 5 minutes or an hour), dry brushing (cleanses the lymphatic system), and neti pot usage are on the list!  Here’s what my day looked like:

Day 1

Stayed in bed snuggling with Leif until 8 AM (soooo wonderful)

Glass of lukewarm water with lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper (wakes up the liver)

Cup of green tea (a little boost as energy along with a fat dose of antioxidants!)

30 minutes Power Yoga

BIG Glass of Green Juice–green apple, cucumber, lettuce, ginger, lemon


Green Smoothie– Banana, frozen tropical fruit, greens, Vega protein powder, water

40 minute run with stroller

Lunch–Big Ass salad–mixed greens from my garden! soaked sunflower seeds, 1/2 avo, tahini dressing, kalamata olives, bell peppers, zuchini, tofu, sea weed, walnuts, tahini dressing; mother’s milk tea

Afternoon pick me up–kombucha tea, green smoothie–tropical fruit, almond milk, chia seeds, maca powder, spinach

Stroll in the park with Leif and friend (and her nomadic cycling house guest)

Before dinner–another cup of Mother’s Milk tea

Dinner–big salad with mixed greens, bell peppers, zuchinni, sunflower seeds; soba noodles with edamame and tarmari sauce, kimchi

Any favorite cleaning up shop recipes? habits?