Beet juice and sweaty sweaty yoga


Leif and Josh doing acro yoga at the park last night

Here goes day 8 of the cleanse! I have had two small cheats but otherwise things have been clean! My juicer is giving out on me (I guess that’s what happens when you steal your parents 20 year old juicer). I’m hoping Josh can fix it tonight!

I’m taking the day off from cardio to give my tight legs some rest but was blessed with a happy baby this morning who just smiled and wiggled as I did a 50 minute yoga class called Power Breath and Balance with one of my favorite yogis at myyogaonline. Our apartment is hot hot hot (Leif and I have been camping in the floor under the ceiling fan at night) and the class was challenging. I was sweating out my little cheat from last night like you wouldn’t believe it. Sweat is a great cleanser.

Leif and I followed up our yoga practice with breakfast. He had his usual–mama’s milk– while I experimented with a new to me iron rich juice modified slightly from Crazy Sexy Kitchen:

Iron Machine:

1 Large beet, peeled and cut into 8ths (ish)
8 carrots
2 celery stalks
Two handfuls spinach

Juice it. Drink it. Best done topless so as not to get beet juice on your clothes!