2nd Annual Sweet P Turkey Trot!

1st Ever Sweet P Trot

1st Ever Sweet P Trot

Please come join me this Thanksgiving morning to once again celebrate our Sweet Payton’s short but well lived life.  This year we have so much to celebrate as we remember Payton–as we welcomed 2 new cousins into the world and his little sister.  While we are saddened that he is not here to meet his little sister and cousins, we know that his spirit is alive and he is rejoicing in new life with us!  We’ll meet at the playground at Point Defiance for a trot, walk, hop around 5 mile drive–with many short cut options if you aren’t up for the full loop!  Its free fun and will help you make space for your Thanksgiving Feast!  Please wear orange if you can and bring a mug to enjoy a cup of joe in the house (while is lasts) before, during, or after you trot!  Also, feel free to bring a snack to share!

You heard the kid--Get up and Go!

You heard the kid–Get up and Go!

When:  Thanksgiving Morning!  Thursday, November 28

Time: 9 AM

Where:  Point Defiance Park (meet at playground)  If you take the Pearl Street Entrance and follow signs to the zoo, you’ll see us!




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