New Year’s Reso—what?

What a year it has been!  2013 has been chalk full of amazing gifts– the best, of course, being the bundle of love I delivered in March.  This year I also transitioned to being a stay at home mama and we became home owners.  Josh graduated with his second bachelors and started working full time again. My brother and his fiance welcomed my sweet niece, Lily, into the world just three days after my cousin gave birth to Baby Catherine in October. So, in 2013 we welcomed three babies and had 2 engagements in the family! We also started a little project in communal living as we rent two bedrooms to friends and have one friend living on his bus with his dog Buddha out back!   Its been a year of finding new rhythms, letting go of expectations, and allowing myself to stay in bed til 8 or 8:30 each morning to snuggle with Leif (its not going to last forever, I’m going to enjoy this special time).  Its been a year of injury and attempted healing from a horrible bout with Plantar Fascists (which is still happening by the way).

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2014 is just around the river bend and while I often cringe at the thought of “New Years Resolutions”, I do think the transition to a new year is a great time to evaluate the previous year and dream of what I want to see happen in the coming year. But dreams are just dreams unless you actually make a plan and put that plan into action every single day in order to make those dreams a reality.

Originally, I was stoked to plan for my first 100 mile race for the summer of 2014.  I thought running a 100 miles for my 30th birthday would be pretty spectacular.  But here I am, still struggling with a foot injury and realizing that unless I miraculously heal in the next week, training for that is not in the cards this year.  And that is okay. God willing, there will be many other years to do 100 miles!

So, what am I resolving to do in 2014?  Well, let me tell you!  I want your support, accountability, and encouragement!  And I also want to hear what your goals are and support you in any way I can!

2014–The Year I Totally Won at Life:

  • Read a book for pleasure every month!  I just finished my first novel since before I had Leif.  That was almost 10 months ago!  Yep, I need to read more.
  • Blog at least once a week!  I admit, my blogging has taken a back seat to pretty much everything!  I like to write though and want to get back in the saddle!  So stay tuned for recipes, thoughts, pictures, and the works!
  • Practice Yoga 5 times a week (at least): even if its just for 5 minutes!  Any yoga is better than no yoga!
  • Complete Plant Based Nutrition Certificate.  I did it!  I signed up for the ecornell program I’ve been eyeing for several years now!  I start January 15 and I’m so super stoked about it!  I’m sure I’ll be sharing what I learn on the blog!
  • Take Mommy time outside of exercise every week.  Usually my alone time is the couple times a week I get to work out by myself (no baby in tow).  I am going to start taking a couple hours to get out of the house and go work on something that lights my fire (studying, writing, reading).
  • Go on a Trip! 2013 was our first year since we’ve been together that Josh and I have not left the country.  WE NEED A TRIP!
  • Make Money (even just a little) doing something I FREAKIN’ LOVE!  Yoga, running, wellness coaching–find a way.  Dreaming up plans with a dear friend and wellness warrior right now.
  • Food Related Goals:  Starting January 6th, I’ll be doing Kris Carrs Crazy 21 Day Sexy Cleanse along with adopting an “Eat to Live” diet.  What will this look like?  Very similar to how I eat now minus the sugar and caffeine splurges.  While I haven’t decided if I’ll be cutting coffee completely out, I might for the first 21 days and then just go back to 1 cup a day there after.  Alcohol, after the first 21 days will be limited to 1-2 servings of red wine per week.  And the tough ones–I’m saying goodbye to added salt and oils, at least for the duration of the challenge (shooting for 30 days). As it turns out, water sautes actually work!  Trying to kick my reliance on cooking with oil and get my fats from more nutrient rich, whole food sources (avos, nuts, seeds, etc).  I will designate several posts to this and share some recipes!  The cleanse, just to clarify, is not a fast or anything wild but will include copious amounts of raw veggies and fruits as well as some cooked veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, and some whole grains with a once a week juice/smoothie feast in which I abstain from solid foods to give the old digestive system a rest)! Going to start 2014 with a clean machine!

What are your goals/visions/resolutions for the new year?


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