Write it Down.

The 21 day cleanse is fast approaching and I’m doing what I can to prep for it.  This included starting a brand new, clean and pretty wellness journal.  I’ve been keeping a food and exercise journal for years but I definitely have not been great about it since having a baby.  Also, my plantar fascia issue has kept me from training for anything major, which left me a bit unmotivated to keep a wellness journal.  But its a new year and while I’m not training for any big races at the moment, I am getting ready to take on some challenges.  Now felt like a good time to get back on the journal wagon!  Its super simple!  Some people like tracking on their gadgets (phones, ipad, computer) but there is something about paper and pen that just really lights my fire.

I added a couple components to my journal, at least for during the cleanse, to help me stay on track.  The first is an “Intention” to start each day and the second is my checklist!

Wellness Journal

The “Movement” section used to be “training” but right now I’m focusing on healing and “movement” felt more appropriate.  I’m not running these next few weeks but I do intend to move my body every day.   Which leads me to my yoga plan.  You might notice in my checklist that I have listed AM Yoga and PM Yoga.  The AM yoga is whatever I can squeeze in before Leif wakes up (literally 1-20 minutes).  The PM Yoga will be a time I set aside in the evening when Josh is on scheduled Daddy Duty so mama can have some alone time.  I’m doing a 21 day strength and tone challenge with myyogaonline!  While I still plan to do some form of cardio (bike, elliptical) most days and continue with my circuit class, I’m also trying to let go of not being able to run high mileage right now.   I’ll be exploring movement in the form of yoga over the next three weeks.

I’d also like to note that I’ve scheduled yoga during the time of day (4:30-5:30/6 PM) when I start to get the most munchy and start snacking mindlessly before dinner (usually while I cook).  Post dinner is also a time when I start thinking about chocolate or a glass of wine so this will also be a challenge for me.  I’ve scheduled “Family time” each day as a reminder to focus on the goodness and let Love be my chocolate and wine. Leif’s giggles and kisses are way more satisfying that sugar.


This broccoli loving boy is sweeter than…Frosting, chocolate, and cookies…


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