Easy does it…

20140105-212123.jpgThat’s my motto for the next few weeks–inspired by a wise wise friend. This morning I woke up to this text message from her,”It is okay not to be perfect. It is actually more enjoyable. Stop being so hard on herself. Accept your quirks and practice gratitude. I see you and you are beautiful.”

Wow. What if we all believed that?!? What a world we would live in. As I begin this 21 days of cleansing my body and challenge my mind and spirit that will be my mantra. If I fall off course? Easy does it.


Lemon water, tea, and green juice for breakfast.

Yoga and beet smoothie for snack.

Big Ass salad, snuggles, and giggles with Leif and my niece Lily for lunch.

More yoga and something clean and green for for dinner.


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