Roll With It

Day 2 nearly complete with no coffee and clean clean eating! Today there was no AM mama time as Leif woke up the moment my eyes opened.  No worries though!  I gave him a banana in his high chair and he happily watched me get a few minutes of yoga in.



Due to the rain, I met my Tuesday workout buddy at the YMCA instead of Point Defiance.  Leif played happily for a little while and then got the grumps so I decided to put him in the nursery for a while—errrr… he was so so sad.  It nearly broke my heart in a million pieced.  Ultimately, he couldn’t hack it in there today and I ended up carrying him on my hip while we walked the track (I forgot my stroller and Ergo–oops).  Wasn’t the most focused intense workout of my life but, hey, I moved! And I got another juicy yoga practice in tonight!

Today, we also picked up our first share at Terry’s Berries!  Terry’s Berries is a farm just about 10 minutes from our house!  We’re looking forward to a winter of fresh local goodness to delight our taste buds and keep us healthy! Joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a fantastic way to support local farmers and get great produce!

ImageImageLeif has been just cracking me lately. He tries to escape nearly every diaper change and thinks its hilarious to leave little gifts as he scoots across the floor. He also loves pulling himself up in the bath which makes me nervous. Im trying not to encourage standing in the bath tub but goodness he is cute! Turning in early tonight with the little scoot to gear up for day 3!


bare bum alert



 How’s things going out there?




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