Roasted veggies without oil and salt and the Crazy Gyre Ducks.

Day 4 of the cleanse brought a wonderful discovery–I roasted root vegetables in veggie broth and some curry spices instead of oil and salt. Outcome–deeeelish. I added a few sprinkles of cayenne to mine after cooking and oooooooo my, I loved it. I also put in some roots I don’t usually cook with thanks to Terry’s Berries! It was a delightful blend of rutabaga, parshnip, sweet potato, onion, purple and white fingerling potatoes, brussel sprouts, beets, carrots, and garlic! I used to be a little intiminated by such things but not no more!  I just chopped it all up, poured a carton of veg broth (I made two pans worth), sprinkled some curry powder and mixed it all up.  Baked it. Ate It.  Was delighted! Served with a big ol salad and some green juice.

I sadly ate it all up before I took a picture. Oops… But here are photos of my delicious little human from the past 2 days (he turned 10 months yesterday! Fighting back tears).


What? I actually had this thought, “oh no, in 2 months he’ll be 1…and then I only get 17 more of those before he leaves…” Sigh. This is going too fast.


“I got the 0!”


Sleepy Time Tea in the Sleepy Time Bath



This kid is a lover. Please note she was crying before he hugged her. He was ‘comforting her’…which may have made her cry more.

My meditation last night:  I read about the thousands of rubber duckies that bailed ship on the way from China in 1992.  Those sweet little duck-a-roos got caught up in the Gyre–a current that that makes a big A loop. Eventually, some of the duckies break loose and find themselves scattered about the earth’s shores (there are still duckies out there in the Gyre waiting to break free).  Roni Elissabeth from Myyogaonline says “You are part of the few that will break free. You have too much to give to miss out on the rest of the ocean.  You were meant to float to the ends of the earth, because you are brave enough to trust you will watch up on exactly the shore you were meant to.”  Amen?  Amen.  She encouraged me to put a statement into the world about who I believe I am, not who I hope to be.  I am Love. I am Peace. Who are you?


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