Massaged Winter Greens with Lemon and Tahini

20140111-212727.jpgToday I really wanted to use the leftover kale and chard from our Tuesday harvest at Terry’s Berries but wasn’t sure what avenue to take with them. I originally was going to satte them in a bit of water but that sounded darn right boring. After washing and desteming (I saved the stems for tomorrow’s juice!) I started playing. Here’s what happened:

1 bunch chard
1 bunch kale
Juice from 1/2 lemon
1 TBLS tahini
8 kalamata olives chopped
1 large garlic clove finely chopped
6 dried figs chopped
2 T balsamic vinaget
2 tsp nutritional yeast


  • Rinse greens and remove stems, tearing into bite size pieces.
  • Place all ingredients in a salad bowl and massage, massage, massage!
  • Let sit in the fridge for a few hours to intensify flavor

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