Kiss Peace on the Lips


Sunday night I had a realization– Monday morning had 2 appointments with two different chiropractors for two different parts of my body at the same time. Instead of rescheduling one of them what did I do? Canceled both of them, dropped Leif at a friends and went and got sweaty at the gym- All By Myself. I knew the rest of the day would be a whirlwind of baby care (I had three babies yesterday) and I desperately needed time by myself.

It was indeed a busy day and it wasn’t until after 9 PM that I got to my evening yoga practice. So today, instead of anxiously rushing Leif out the door to get to morning swim lessons, I slept an extra 30 minutes, got up and went about my morning practices and was thankful he continued to sleep another 30 minutes. I’m canceling stuff left and right. Focusing on this Mantra: kiss peace on the lips. And this one too: you find your own happiness. Remembering that more than swim lessons, Leif needs a peaceful and rested mama. One that’s not running anxiously about all the time.

In addition to slowing down, I’ve also been incorporating more inversions into my morning yoga. Inversions are wonderful for your mind and body. We spend our day with gravity pulling everything towards our feet. When we flip our feet above our head, our brains get a wonderful dose of fresh blood. Inversions are said to:

  • Reverse gravity
  • Boost your immune system
  • Boost your mood
  • Boost your heart

Nice. Right? My favorites lately are headstand and shoulder stand. I set the timer for 1-3 minutes and just breathe with my toes playfully chilling above my head. Not sure your ready for shoulder or headstand? That’s cool– you can also get the same benefits from legs up the wall or any other pose with your feet above your heart!

Are you feeling anxious? Over committed? Is there something you can take off your plate? Say ‘no’ to?
I promise the universe will not implode if you bow out of one committee or take a few extra minutes to snuggle or practice an inversion. Just close your eyes an kiss peace on the lips.


One thought on “Kiss Peace on the Lips

  1. Tripod Wiley

    Good evening little Kissy Lips. Good job of taking good care of yourself. You are the only one that can fulfill that role.

    In my 6:00AM yoga class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, we always do some kind of inversion at the end. I like to do tripods and bridge poses. Then, she turns off all of the lights and I fight to stay awake during corpse pose.

    Enjoy each moment of life because that’s all we get!


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