High School Geometry Begs Me to Drink Coffee

Week 2 of the cleanse is almost over and boy am I glad!  Week 2 was substantially more difficult than week 1!  It seemed to all come crashing in on me Friday afternoon. I had substituted for my dad in the morning.  I had to be at the school by 7AM–ready to to manage high school geometry without the aid of coffee.  I had not gotten adequate rest the night before as Leif had the snuffles and was up a lot in the night. I did not have time for morning yoga and the green tea was not cutting it.  I was acutely aware of how bizare it was to be walking through the high school court yard with a bunch of students pre-dawn.  I felt like a cranky vampire.

I survived the morning and went home to have lunch and get Leif before rushing off to appointments.  We snuck a walk in between appointments which helped but does not quite give me the oomph that running provides (I’m still resting my foot) and then rushed to Leif’s check up.  I don’t know why I don’t plan for it because his appointments always take a really long time and the doctor is always running behind.  I should have packed snacks because we both you starting to get hangry.  I was ready to kill for coffee by this point.  I knew that our planned trip to Trader Joe’s after his appointment would be a huge challenge (because of the coffee samples).

I didn’t get any coffee but I got just about anything that seemed like it would be easy to eat in the car–apples, snap peas, and freeze dried Jeju Oranges among other things on my list.  I could hardly wait to get through checkout to start eating.  I downed half a bottle of water in line.  We made it to the car and I devoured an apple while I was buckling Leif in!  Then I busted out the Jeju organges and had a flash back to running on Jeju Island in Korea almost exactly 3 years ago. I remember picking an orange off the side of the road before a long hill climb and enjoying it as I ran up the hill. I laughed at how different my life is now.

By the time I got home, I had finished the oranges and a second apple.  Yep, I was hungry. And frankly pissed off at the world and wanting coffee. And wine.  And then more coffee. And more wine.  While I continued to eat large amounts of fruits and veggies the rest of the evening (more than I probably needed), I managed to stay within the confines of the cleanse. I missed my evening yoga and then shrugged it off and decided that Saturday would be a fresh start, a more rested me, and plenty of time to sneak in yoga, a work out, and healthy eating.

And it did.  I jumped back on track with morning yoga and the gym.  I ate well all day and got to hang out with two amazing friends who came over to help me paint our bedroom.  I met with a delightful family I will probably start providing before school care for (I’m going to have to figure out these early mornings again….), made some delicious squash muffins for Leif, and started my first ever batch of sauerkraut from the cabbage that came in our share this week.  All of this while Josh was in Seattle! Leif was pretty amazing at keeping himself occupied in the kitchen while I worked.  I even got in my night time yoga practice after putting Leif to bed!  Take that week 2.

I didn’t make a day for juice and smoothie feast this week but will be doing it on Monday.  Which means week 3 will have 2! Week 2 was a little crazy–both physically and emotionally–I’m feeling a bit more confident that week 3 will be a good time to finish strong!  I want to end the 21 days feeling refreshed and confident.  Here’s to another 8 days!



I got a serious forearm workout massaging this!

I got a serious forearm workout massaging this!

These women are amazing.  And now we have a pretty wall.

These women are amazing. And now we have a pretty wall.

My Kitchen Help.

My Kitchen Help.


3 thoughts on “High School Geometry Begs Me to Drink Coffee

  1. Julie

    You remind me of the Galadrial in the Hobbit when she is tested by the ring. After the temptation, she expresses gratitude for the opportunity to see just how strong she really is.

    • mjorgey

      Oh thank you, Sweet Julie! I felt like a crazy cranky lady! If I could draw, I’d draw a picture of a lady with her hair a mess, blood shot eyes, dark circles, with a bubble that read, “A cuppa coffee is all I f*ing want’ with steam coming out the ears. It was brutal but I survived!

      • Julie

        LOL What a great word picture. I know that lady. I see her occasionally in the mirror. Unfortunately, she doesn’t care for coffee; she seeks out the Juanita Chips. I’ve removed them from the house for just those times. 😀

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