Three days out and feeling good!

Big News!  I got to take my bandage off yesterday and check out Dr. Brukner’s handy work.  Happy to say my scars will be very petite.  Almost adorable if I do say so myself.

Yesterday right after removing bandage

Yesterday right after removing bandage.

Today after my first post-op shower!  Yay for feeling clean!

Today after my first post-op shower! Yay for feeling clean!

I continue to be in very little pain and hit my nutrition goals. I’m off the oxycodene (for now at least) and my digestive system is starting to catch up!  Leif has spent the last 2 nights at my parents house which was really hard for me.


I love this little face more than life itself! Can’t wait to be able to romp with him again!

I missed him a lot and my crazy mama brain was very anxious last night thinking about him being a whole 30 minute drive away from me!  I actually had the thought, “What if the Mountain goes and I won’t be able to get through the valley for months!” Wow, Melissa.  The second biggest challenge, after missing Leif like crazy, is going slow.  My pain is seriously so minimal for the time being.  I get frustrated with the crutches and can walk without them without pain (albeit slow). Dr Brukner warned me though that I might feel this way and that I NEED to go slowly and use the crutches the first two weeks!  Trying to keep my eye on the goal!

I also got to take a shower today which felt amazing.  I’ve been making an effort to put earrings in each morning and clean up a little so as not to feel too frumpy as I lounge around the house.


4 thoughts on “Three days out and feeling good!

  1. Julie

    Dani’s doctor asked her what she did to heal so well. He said, “Rare is the person that heals very well.” Dani said,”I followed doctor’s advice and was religious about PT.” Hang in there. The wait is worth the long term goal.

    • mjorgey

      Yes. I’m doing my best to follow doctors orders. I kept Leif home last night because i missed him and I’m a bit more sore today. Probably will have to go back to my parents tonight.

    • mjorgey

      Hehe. Yes, I agree. Sometimes taking a shower and putting coconut oil with lavender on my skin and some cute earrings helps me to feel kind of good 😉

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