Unpleasant Side Effects of my Surgery

unnamed-4Its Day 4 of recovery and I am ridiculously tired.  My mama heart could not stand another night away from Leif so he stayed home last night and I was alone with him from about 7:30-10:30 this morning.  Being alone with an 18 month old when you can only hobble on crutches is a terrifying thing, my friends. He emptied every cupboard within reach and then took the party to the back yard and climbed on anything that was semi-climbable.  I was so so happy when my dad arrived to help out and we were both still alive! And then Leif later gifted me with a nap! Thank heavens.  He is back with grandma and papa tonight and I hope to do some serious sleeping.

Pain Level:

Remains pretty low.  Really it is my incisions that hurt when they get bumped or kicked or jumped on by a little human or an excited Sochi.  I am beginning to feel it a little more as I move around and the morphine, cortisone block begin to wear off a little.


Exhaustion. Exhaustion. Exhaustion.  I decided to ride along with my mom and Leif to the grocery store.  We were only there for 20 minutes or so and I could have curled up with the bananas and taken a nap.  Because my pain level is so low, I keep having to remind myself that I just had an invasive procedure and my body has to recover.

Itchy, witchy lady parts.unnamed-3  It seems that somewhere between antibiotics and cortisone during surgery and the stress on my body, I developed a yeast infection.  That’s really no fun.  I’m working with Dr. Krause to try to take care of it using garlic and a homeopathic formula called Yeast Arrest by Vitanica. You insert both.  The garlic leaves a pretty strong scent and you’ll probably taste it (which I don’t mind because I love garlic).  The Yeast Arrest is very soothing. I’m alternating between the two (garlic during the day, Yeast Arrest at night).  Hoping it clears up in the next couple days and I can avoid buying the harder stuff.

What’s Awesome about all of this?

I don’t have a to-do list.  I am forced to slow down.  I can’t drive anywhere!  No errands.  Very few chores.  Naps with Leif!

Read. Set. Heal!


3 thoughts on “Unpleasant Side Effects of my Surgery

  1. Shawn Dickson

    Get the harder stuff NOW Melissa – your discomfort will be gone immediately. There is a time for natural and a time for medical intervention – you don’t want it to spread-just a little Auntie advice- You have a cousin who would telll you the same from personal experience-

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