1 week post-op!

unnamed-4I survived the first week.  My parents left Thursday night for the beach house and things have been a little wild ever since.  By that I mean, it is nearly impossible to rest.  While I’m letting a lot of stuff slide, there are some things that must be taken care of.  And when Leif grabs my leg mid-crutch hobble, it is quite impossible to move without picking him up.  I had my first full on melt down with tears and all this morning.  Jam was spread across our sheets, fruit flies were swarming our kitchen, and there was a huge pile of laundry (along with jam covered sheets) that needed to be washed.  And a little job dumping water and dog food across the kitchen floor while he smeared peanut butter on the cupboards.

I finally locked myself in the bedroom with Sochi and an ice pack–Leif is naked somewhere in the house or yard with Josh and I’m sure there will be poop to clean up later.  But I don’t even care.  Right now, I am resting and counting the hours until my parents return from the beach tomorrow.


Incision site is very sore.  And red and swollen.  Only one of them is like this though so I guess I can be grateful that its not both of them!  The stitches are almost completely gone there is just a little bit of drainage from the one that is pretty swollen.  I’m hoping icing and resting will bring the swelling down.

My low back pain is gone for now...this is the most painful part...and even this isn't that bad.

My low back pain is gone for now…this is the most painful part…and even this isn’t that bad.

Yeast Infection.  Symptoms are completely gone!  whoohoo!  Garlic and Yeast Arrest did the trick!  I’ll continue with the Yeast Arrest until the end of the weekend.

Emotional Exhaustion.  The physical stress on my body has led to emotional exhaustion as well.  As mentioned, I had a good cry on the phone with my mom today.  I’m seriously considering having a cleaning company come in the next couple weeks to do a good scrub down of the things that have gotten a bit out of hand–peanut butter on the baseboards for instance.  I want to wait until I’m closer to being able to keep up with the house work so that it won’t all just go to hell the moment they leave.  I know having a sparkling clean house in not the most important thing in the world but it is pretty important to my mental health.  I am able to be more present when my space is beautiful.


Leif has taken some epic afternoon naps with me.  I’m so so grateful for those calm lazy moments of closeness.

Be still my mama heart.

Be still my mama heart.

Leif has been able to spend a significant amount of bonding time with my parents.  Sleep overs, trips to the zoo and park.  He’s been getting lots of love.  I already knew my parents were amazing but now that they are gone for the weekend, I am even more aware of just how wonderful they are and how much we need them in our lives!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Fun visits from friends that continue to bring delicious food!

I continue to focus on nutrition.  I’ve been eating really well (with a few small treats).


green apple, cucumber, kale, carrot, ginger, lemon, kombucha, dash of turmeric

Josh took yesterday off and Leif got to go help out with a fun project… and do his first solo ride in the bucket!


We had a little surprise birthday breakfast for David, our house mate, this morning.  Leif loved sitting at the table like the big boys and licking the pb and jam off his zucchini bread.  I’m so thankful for our sweet little home and all the adopted family members that live in it!

Oh guys, you're so funny!

Oh guys, you’re so funny!

Ready. Set. Heal!


2 thoughts on “1 week post-op!

  1. Shawn

    Just a thought Melissa…….when Tom’s incision sites get red xxx a nn d swollen I draw around the red nn ess with a permanent Marker. Then I can tell if the swelling and red nn ess is getting B-) better or worse.

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