How about that moon…

unnamed-3Did you see it tonight? The full moon was out in all its splendor this evening.  Maybe you were one of the chosen that was able to see the “blood moon” dancing in the sky?  This past year, I have had a new fascination with the moon.  I remember my co-teachers commenting on how the moon affected our students behavior and thinking they were a little crazy way back when.  I didn’t think that these moon moods were compatible with what I believed about God. I thought they were mutually exclusive.  You could either believe in the moon or God. Okay, you could believe in the moon, but don’t even think about believing that it effected anything but the tides.  That would be blasphemy, right?

Wrong.  I have come to understand that you can believe in a Creator AND believe that said Creator uses his creation in ways that are not fully understood by humans.  The moon, its cycles and how it effects other parts of creation (including us) is a perfect example of this.  I won’t pretend to be some kind of moon expert, but I will say, that I I believe it has power–both scientifically provable and spiritual powers over all living beings.

Before realizing that tonight was the full moon, a total lunar eclipse no less, I noticed Sochi was behaving VERY strangely.  She seemed extremely anxious and almost ravenous.  Although she often tries (successfully) to steal food from Leif, tonight she was at it with some serious commitment.  She would not listen to me and it felt as though it was getting a little out of hand.  I decided I would try putting her in her crate while we ate to cool her off and allow us to eat without her jumping on the table.  I sat back down at the table and then heard Sochi screaming.  It was horrible. At first I thought she was anxious about me putting her in the crate but when I turned around I could see that part of the lock on crate was seriously lodged in her mouth.  Son and I both ran to her rescue and it took the both of us to dislodge her.  She has never done anything like this.  After dinner, we had an errand to run for Son and I thought it would be best to take Sochi in the car.  Instead of laying in the back like normal, she climbed over the seat and panted like a mad lady the entire time.

When we returned home, she seemed to calm down until I went upstairs to make the guest bed.  She started this huffy bark and her ears perked up as she stood in the hallway.  It left me uneasy.  The bed was left unmade as I just felt like she was calling me downstairs.  This is after Leif acted like a wild man until 10:30 PM.

The full moon usually gives me a since of peace.  I enjoy it.  I marvel in it.  I love when Leif points it out–its science and spiritualism all in one gorgeous glowing orb in the sky.  Its the same exact moon that our brothers and sisters across the globe gaze at.  Its the same moon that our ancestors studied. Its the same moon that will glow in the sky long after I’m gone. It brings me so much comfort to know this.

Tonight, I will spend much of the evening cuddled with Sochi on the couch–as I’m worried about her full moon behavior and the thought of putting her in the crate (who new sleeping quarters to reduce the amount of bodily fluids I have to clean up each morning).  How does the full moon effect you?


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