6 Week Follow Up

Tomorrow marks 6 weeks since surgery!  I had my follow up with the doc yesterday and all is looking good!  I am now officially cleared to begin using the elliptical, swimming (mostly pull with a tiny bit of flutter kick on the board), and then to start running on grass and football turf once I can comfortably master the elliptical.  I started cycling on the trainer with my doctors permission last week and I am up to 25 minutes with no pain! Hallelujah!  Sweating feels so right.

I am experiencing very little pain but some days my hip tends to flare up a little.  I’m trying to stay on top of it with Traumameel (arnica tablets and gel).  I’m also walking nearly every day for at least an hour with Sochi and Leif.  No pain with walking!  Hallelujah (again).

I’m continuing with acupuncture and loving it.  I’m down to once per week.  I know it is helping with the healing process.  It is also good for my mind.  Not only does acupuncture stimulate blood flow and return balance to my body, the hour I get to spend relaxing and talking to Dr. Krause each week is like a little retreat (what?  I get to lay down and be cared for for a whole hour???!–Awesome).


Seriously, every time I do plant he goes for it.

Other great news–I’m finally menstruating again.  Seriously, the last cycle I had was May 28, 2012.    I thought I wouldn’t start until I completely weaned Leif but it appears cutting down on mama’s milk has done the trick and we are still able to enjoy a couple nursing sessions a day.  I love the closeness and I know he still needs the connection so I am thrilled that my body is beginning to get back on a cycle while keeping a little bit of my milk supply!  That’s fabulous news for our family.

Leif and I will also be taking care of a few other kids.  We’ve started a few mornings a week and will build up to more over the next couple of months.  I’m tutoring 1-2 evenings a week.  It appears that all is going great–healing, body returning to a cycle, and I’ve found some work I can do with Leif at my side!  We’ve also been hosting a second exchange student–Kazuto from Japan.  He is on a short exchange and will be heading home on November 1st.  He is great to have around.

Shopping for Japanese food! YUM!

Shopping for Japanese food! YUM!

We are in full immune boosting mode in our house.  I’ve juicing, smoothie-ing, souping, and washing hands like mad.  Its fall, the rain has been heavy and the temps cooler.  Winter is not far away.  We are starting our vitamin D regimine this week (probably should have a few weeks ago) as no matter how much time we spend outside in the fall and winter, our PNW sun just can’t give us what we need.


To new seasons!



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