2 mile at 2 months!

Today marks exactly two months since my hip surgery. I’ve been slowly adding in intervals of 30-60 seconds of running into my walks. Today, I am happy to report I hit the 2 miles of running mark!  I walk the mile to the park and then run /walk loops (just under a mile each)–pushing Leif and dragging Sochi–before walking home.  I’m feeling great!  My hip doesn’t feel ‘normal” but it doesn’t hurt and that’s exciting.  My surgeon told me it could be a full year before it feels 100%. I’ll take it!

starting to feel like a runner again! Finally!

starting to feel like a runner again! Finally!

I believe I owe my strong recovery to several factors:  First, an awesome surgeon.  I continue to hear from various sources–PT’s, patience, nurses– that Dr. Brukner is the best in the business.   Secondly, I have been doing my stretches and eating really healthy.  Fruits, veggies, curries, cinnamon. nuts, seeds, and beans abound.  I also believe that the acupuncture, prolotherapy, and cupping are doing great things for my body.  From promoting white blood cell production, improving circulation, and drawing fresh blood to the areas of me that need healing…I’m feeling a huge difference.  We tried a type form of prolotherapy last week that we had not yet tried.  My low back pain all put disappeared after 1 go at the therapy.  WHAT! Honestly, it is like nothing I’ve experienced before.  The cool part– its not just covering the symptoms–it is actually helping my body to heal itself.  That is rad.

Rain or shine--we've been getting out there!  Such a trooper, this one!

Rain or shine–we’ve been getting out there! Such a trooper, this one!

I’m so thankful this body is on the mend.


2 thoughts on “2 mile at 2 months!

    • mjorgey

      Peg! I’m so glad you asked!

      Prolo therapy is a technique that involves injecting a concoction of homeopathic goodness into an injured area. It actually causes inflammation–signaling your body to send white blood cells and get to work healing! Last week, we tried a form of prolo that actually used my own blood. My doctor drew my blood, put it in a machine that draws out platelets and then injected them back into the area where we believe I have some tears that are having a hard time healing. I am believer after one treatment. This platelet rich prolo is also used to help reduce wrinkles! My mom was like, “How much and when is her first appointment!” haha.

      Cupping–Is a technique used in Chinese Medicine to draw fresh blood to areas of your body that need fresh blood (injured, stiff, sick). The doctor suctions the cups to your body using heat and then either just lets them chill or glides them around like an intense massage (I LOVE THIS). It leaves hiccis/bruises–so not something you want to do if you have a swim suit competition coming up but I have found it to be so helpful for back pain. I did it regularly when we lived in Korea and would see tons of people at the pool with similar marks!

      I love my doctor. She is both a naturopath and acupuncturist so my insurance covers her as my primary care giver. Pretty awesome to be able to see a doctor who listens and uses food, herbs, and natural techniques to heal…and also is not afraid to say, “Hey, get an MRI, you might need surgery/western meds for this”.

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