Big Boy Room


Leif, Sochi, and I have been sleeping in Leif’s big boy room this week. The idea is that Leif will get use to sleeping in there and one day in the next year, we’ll move our bedroom upstairs so we’re closer to his room and he’ll sleep in his very own bed–I’m hoping Sochi will join him in there.

As I lay in bed nursing him last night, gazing into his big blue eyes–the same eyes that stole my heart nearly 2 years ago, I gave him “the talk”.  I told him that the day was coming when this special thing we do–nursing–would be all done.  I started to choke up as I explained to him how special it has been and that I will truly treasure it for the rest of my life.  From his first moments of life, it brought him nourishment and comfort–and it brought those things for me as well.  Is there nothing more nourishing than looking into the eyes of your nursing baby?

I cried a little as I told him about all the special things we would do together in the future–snuggling, walks, running, bike riding, hiking, traveling, book reading, gardening, tower building.  I told him one day he would grow up and be a man and probably have his own children but that he would always always be just as special to me as the day he was born.

Sleeping in his own room–something many American babies do much sooner than this…feels like a huge mile stone (and I’m still sleeping in there with him!). When did my baby become a toddler?  Will I blink and find that he’s off exploring the world with a pack and his back and a glint of wanderlust in his eye?



It’s time to grow S*&%!

FullSizeRenderOver the weekend, with the help of friends, I finished putting together the greenhouse that one of Josh’s co-workers handed down to us.  It isn’t the most glamorous greenhouse in the world–its partially held together by gorilla tape.  It does the trick though and it was free and we probably rescued a lot of plastic from the landfill. It was so warm and delightful in there today I thought about curling up to take a nap.  With our greenhouse up, I’ve started some seeds!  I’m trying to be a bit more strategic with my garden this year–actually planning where I will plant specific plants, not planting a billion zucchini plants, and prepping for some vertical gardening–peas, beans, cucumbers, and squash trellises are being pinned like crazy on my Pinterest board.  I’m scavenging our piles of random materials, pulling weeds, sprinkling flower seeds here and there in hopes they survive should the tempts take a turn for the cold side.  I also have some fun stuff planned for our sunflowers which are so incredibly named–Taramuhara Sunflowers (like the ultra running tribe of Mexico) and Garden Anarchy Mix.

Leif is loving the play in the dirt, Sochi–laying in the sunshine while I work, and Son is of course annoyed at me for hauling him out of the house every time I find he’s snuck back in to be an electronic crazed teenager.  I teased him yesterday while he was painting the fence and I was crawling around the in the dirt pulling weeds that he was living every teenage boys dream–moving in with an ultra health conscious, vegan family on an urban homestead where their idea of a great weekend in manual labor in the garden!

Anyone else starting their gardens yet?  Any cool plans in the mix?


Loving this image and these words.  Feeling tired of a masculine narrative. Hearing the loving war cry of women from across the globe.  Laying in bed these nights pondering the miracle that is womanhood. The ability to bring forth new life from our own bodies and to then love the new life more than we ever dreamed possible.

Post Run Hunger!

Note to Self-- Smoothie post run= happy recovery.

Note to Self– Smoothie post run= happy recovery.

Wow!  As I start to build up my long run I’m remembering how important it is to replenish post run!  I’ve been feeling so hungry and tried on my long run days…and I’m only at 12 miles!  I typically have a green smoothie–full of fruit, greens, and vegan protein after a run followed by a full meal a couple hours later.  Today I skipped my smoothie and paid!

What many people don’t realize is that our bodies need carbohydrates after we work out.  I’m not talking donuts here (sorry).  My favorite things to eat post run (or any time really) are sweet potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa, and fruit… You should be getting a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein after your workout.  Repeat after me– CARBS ARE MY FRIEND!  Choose your carbs  wisely.  Not all are equal.

Here’s what I’ve eaten today since I finished my long run this morning.  It hasn’t been perfect.  I didn’t get a smoothie in and I probably waited too long to eat a full meal…hence why I’m famished just two hours after my lunch.  Its important to get some recovery fuel in your body within the first 30 minutes of finishing a long run.  Your muscles start to repair within the first 15-60 minutes and they need fuel to do so!

Immediately post run:  2 date/chia/coconut/raw cocoa balls, 1 clementine

At my meeting (1 hr post run)  Almond milk cappuccino

Lunch (3 hours post run–waited too long for this): Big bowl of greens, roasted sweet potato, yum yum sauce (chickpeas, almonds, nutritional yeast, olive oil), carrots, cucumber

Second Lunch/snack (I’m waiting for it to finish cooking now): Steal cut oats, lentils, peas, spirulina, yum yum sauce.

What do you eat post work out to aide muscle recovery?

So its February and Feels Like April

This kid is all about helping in the kitchen these days!  Love him to the moon and back...I believe he put a pit date in this smoothie. yum.

This kid is all about helping in the kitchen these days! Love him to the moon and back…I believe he put a pit date in this smoothie. yum.

My plans to write more consistently were thwarted by a broken computer, a wild as all get out almost two year old boy, several part time jobs, a return to running, a house that just won’t clean itself and gets messy beyond belief due to said wild as all get out almost two year old boy…. So basically, a lot of excuses.  MUCH is happening in life right now.  There are so many incredible things in the pot that I can hardly keep up with it all.  Its wonderful and exciting and also slightly overwhelming.  I can’t decide if I’m taking life by the cahoonas or if I’m just falling into a phase of life where things are HAPPENING.

Things really started moving in the last weeks of January.  I was going to wait until February to start a 21 day reboot, similar to the one I did last winter.  But after a couple of days of weaning off coffee, I decided to just go for it a week early.  I was free from coffee, sugar, refined grains, gluten, and alcohol for what turned out to be more like 17 days (I felt justified in ending it early when my naturopath and co-chair on a wellness committee busted out a bottle of wine at our planning meeting…).  Things really moved in those 17 days.  For starters, I had an incredible offer made to me regarding a potential job– doing something I LOVE and am good at and allows me to use all my creative juices and still be with Leif most of the time. I am not going to disclose quite yet.

A few other things really started to fall into place during the first week.  Leif and I were at the zoo with my friend and her flock of delightful 4 daughters.  One of the girls asked if she could see my ring, referring to the turquoise ring my parents bought me when I graduated from ASU.  I looked down and to my shock, the gem stone from my tanzanite ring, which I wear on the same finger, was missing!  My heart sank.  We bought that ring when I finished my studies at the University of Cape Town.  It was so special to me.  I don’t know if I had taken that ring off since we left Cape Town.  It was a constant reminder to me of the special place South Africa has in my heart.  I was so heart broken.  The girls of course were so sweet… “Well at least you still have this beautiful ring!”

I left the zoo feeling really down.  Missing Cape Town so so much.  Feeling like it would be years before I could return again.  A few days later I got a message from a friend asking me to come to Cape Town this summer.  What?  An excuse to go to Cape Town?  In July/August though?  That’s their winter…its also the most expensive time to fly from the US.  How could I possibly save enough to fly me and Leif there?  How could I possibly fly across this globe with this WILD boy?  How would this all work?  After days of toying with different plans, I decided that I will be going to Cape Town on my own this time.  I am already so anxious about leaving my sweet (and WILD) Leif for 2 weeks but I know he will be in the loving care of grandparents and Josh.  My heart needs this journey… And as much as I’ll miss my boy, I think the best Mama’s are happy and fulfilled mamas.  And one day, not so long from now, Leif will be proud of his adventurous mama who follows her heart and encourages him to do the same.  I’m busy saving now, we’re eating lots of beans, rice, and veg around here.  I opened a travel rewards card, which we’ve been meaning to do for years anyway and I’m starting to plan all the details of leaving the homestead and my family for a couple weeks.  In addition to dreams coming true, we also took on some much needed grown up stuff that has been hanging over us for a while.  Refinancing the house to save us money and getting our long overdue repairs done on our computer (works like new)!

I really do give credit to the reboot for all this clarity and goodness coming to my life.  Also, I’m running a lot more.  My long run is up to about 12 miles just 6 months post surgery.  My surgeon is amazed at by my progress.  My acupuncturist taught me how to use cupping on myself and gave me the tools to do so.  I’ve turned into a cupping monster.  If I have an ache anywhere, and I can reach it, I stick a cup on it!  She has also turned into my running partner as well as my co-chair in planning a women’s wellness event for WILLO (Women’s Intergenerational Living Legacy Organization).

The goats moved to the CSA farm where we get out veggies from and they are so happy!  We go visit once a week while we picking up our share.  Leif stomps around in the mud and we wrestle those two silly goats while Son (our exchange student) puts in his volunteer hours on the farm.

They LOVE it here!

They LOVE it here!

Throwing stuff in the pond on the farm.  A dream come true.

Throwing stuff in the pond on the farm. A dream come true.

The weather has been spectacular and we are planning to plant some seeds in our green house this weekend!  CRAZY!  Its still february and we’re getting 60 degree weather and sunshine many days of the week!  Can’t wait to have a gorgeous garden once again!

Can't wait to start these bad boys over the weekend

Can’t wait to start these bad boys over the weekend

I suppose I can’t complain!

Cha-Cha-Cha- Life is sweet

Cha-Cha-Cha- Life is sweet