Post Run Hunger!

Note to Self-- Smoothie post run= happy recovery.

Note to Self– Smoothie post run= happy recovery.

Wow!  As I start to build up my long run I’m remembering how important it is to replenish post run!  I’ve been feeling so hungry and tried on my long run days…and I’m only at 12 miles!  I typically have a green smoothie–full of fruit, greens, and vegan protein after a run followed by a full meal a couple hours later.  Today I skipped my smoothie and paid!

What many people don’t realize is that our bodies need carbohydrates after we work out.  I’m not talking donuts here (sorry).  My favorite things to eat post run (or any time really) are sweet potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa, and fruit… You should be getting a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein after your workout.  Repeat after me– CARBS ARE MY FRIEND!  Choose your carbs  wisely.  Not all are equal.

Here’s what I’ve eaten today since I finished my long run this morning.  It hasn’t been perfect.  I didn’t get a smoothie in and I probably waited too long to eat a full meal…hence why I’m famished just two hours after my lunch.  Its important to get some recovery fuel in your body within the first 30 minutes of finishing a long run.  Your muscles start to repair within the first 15-60 minutes and they need fuel to do so!

Immediately post run:  2 date/chia/coconut/raw cocoa balls, 1 clementine

At my meeting (1 hr post run)  Almond milk cappuccino

Lunch (3 hours post run–waited too long for this): Big bowl of greens, roasted sweet potato, yum yum sauce (chickpeas, almonds, nutritional yeast, olive oil), carrots, cucumber

Second Lunch/snack (I’m waiting for it to finish cooking now): Steal cut oats, lentils, peas, spirulina, yum yum sauce.

What do you eat post work out to aide muscle recovery?


2 thoughts on “Post Run Hunger!

  1. Sarah

    Oh my gosh we make yum sauce all the time! It’s so yummy! Our friends actually created their own version and sell it at farmers markets, whole foods and local health food stores. It’s called “Bitchin’ Sauce” look for it next time you’re shopping!!
    It’s all vegan and so good!

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