It’s time to grow S*&%!

FullSizeRenderOver the weekend, with the help of friends, I finished putting together the greenhouse that one of Josh’s co-workers handed down to us.  It isn’t the most glamorous greenhouse in the world–its partially held together by gorilla tape.  It does the trick though and it was free and we probably rescued a lot of plastic from the landfill. It was so warm and delightful in there today I thought about curling up to take a nap.  With our greenhouse up, I’ve started some seeds!  I’m trying to be a bit more strategic with my garden this year–actually planning where I will plant specific plants, not planting a billion zucchini plants, and prepping for some vertical gardening–peas, beans, cucumbers, and squash trellises are being pinned like crazy on my Pinterest board.  I’m scavenging our piles of random materials, pulling weeds, sprinkling flower seeds here and there in hopes they survive should the tempts take a turn for the cold side.  I also have some fun stuff planned for our sunflowers which are so incredibly named–Taramuhara Sunflowers (like the ultra running tribe of Mexico) and Garden Anarchy Mix.

Leif is loving the play in the dirt, Sochi–laying in the sunshine while I work, and Son is of course annoyed at me for hauling him out of the house every time I find he’s snuck back in to be an electronic crazed teenager.  I teased him yesterday while he was painting the fence and I was crawling around the in the dirt pulling weeds that he was living every teenage boys dream–moving in with an ultra health conscious, vegan family on an urban homestead where their idea of a great weekend in manual labor in the garden!

Anyone else starting their gardens yet?  Any cool plans in the mix?


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